When You Just Don't Know What To Write: Blogger Problem #1

When You Just Don't Know What To Write: Blogger Problem #1

As a blogger, it's our biggest nightmare to have a blank paper. Suddenly our minds feel empty and the pressure just start's building. This pressure won't stop and just leaves us unproductive for hours and still staring at that white, blank screen. It's like when Youtubers/ Vloggers just stay at home for weeks at a time and think "Oh my God, I've recorded every topic that I could possibly vlog about in this house!" And that's the same for us! So how do we deal with that problem?

1. I know it would be amazing to be able to have a valuable content everyday. I mean a never ending streaming of ideas? That's the dream! But sometimes the well is just dry. So why not do what I'm doing right now? Write about not knowing what to write about!

2. Schedules. We all have lives outside of the screen, so make sure you schedule your blogging days. For example: 'I'll blog every Friday about my week, Saturday about advice and Sunday about my plans for the rest of the week'. More importantly, schedule an actual time of the day that you will honour and just blog.

3. Baby posts! In case you're freaking out about your readers leaving your website because you rarely post anything, when you see something interesting, take a picture! Write 2-4 sentences about why this particular item/view interests you!

4. Show them who you are. You have friends right? And your friends like you for your personality. Well guess what? So does your readers! They read your posts because they like the way you blog, they like what you're posting and probably have the same interests as you! Or! You have shown them something new to be interested in!

5. When the moment comes that you absolutely feel like writing. WRITE. If you don't have your laptop, do it in your phone. Write a draft on your phone. Don't stop to check your grammar or spellings. Just keep writing! 

6. Unfinished draft. Sometimes when we write, halfway through we just don't know what to write anymore. It's okay! Don't force yourself because your readers may not be able to tell that you're forcing but they will lose their interest. Probably at the same paragraph where you lost yours! So just stop for now and leave this as a draft.

7. Unfinished draft AGAIN! Well when you have nothing to write about go back to your drafts! While you're reading them sometimes ideas might flow back and you can finally finish them! Or put all your drafts together into one topic!

8. Think about things you don't think you should blog about. Make a list. Write down the opposites of what's on your list and Blog about those! OR Blog about why the topics on your lists are on your list!

I hope this was helpful! Let me know other ideas you have to prevent our number 1 nightmare from happening to you!Give me your own list! Happy Blogging!

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