Augmented Reality: Envisioning A Futuristic Market For Fashion

Augmented Reality: Envisioning A Futuristic Market For Fashion

Augmented reality app development is all about living the scenes from our favourite science-fiction movies.

From Stanley Kubrick’s acclaimed movie 2001: A Space Odyssey to James Cameroon’s magnum opus Avatar, if the science-fiction movies all had one common factor in hand, it was the prediction of futuristic tech concepts. Minority Report did it. Back to the Future did it. Blade Runner did it. And the list could go on.

They have all presented to us their versions and interpretations of a future dominated by advanced technologies. And most of them have come true or are in ar vr app development currently. Self-driving cars, video calling facilities, anti-gravity jetpacks and more. But what has been one of the most interesting advancements that has also been implemented in commercial aspects is the phenomenon called augmented reality.

But there’s one specific industry that perhaps has the best and the most interesting application of augmented reality – the retail industry. Close to 63% of the shoppers believe that AR in fashion retail app will elevate their shopping experiences. And true to this, companies are listening and implementing the technology into their operations and promotions as well.

If you hardly had any information about this, well, this particular post will help you understand everything you need to know about augmented reality in retail (in detail).

So, let’s get started.

Augmented Reality – Saving Retail Stores From Doomsday

Ever since AR in online shopping app stores started coming in and the on-demand economy started growing, retail stores have been pushed to the side lines. They’ve been facing concerns like decreasing footfalls, piled up inventories, shutting down branches and more. And this is not something new. Between the year 2010 and 2013, mall visits reported a decline by 50% . That was a time these technologies had just started popping up.

Such concerns gradually became a real challenge for retail store owners between the years 2015 and 2018. With eCommerce giants like Amazon rising simultaneously, retail stores were further pushed back. And we all know what happened in 2020. The pandemic again shut a lot of stores because of social distancing protocols.

Over the years, a lot of businesses survived, too. But they have been mostly because of adopting digital transformations in their operations. Several businesses across the globe resorted to innovative solutions to their concerns, increasing the curiosity and loyalty of consumers.

And one technology that has always been under the radar for experimentation is augmented reality.

Zara’s Augmented Reality Store

To cater to the needs of millennials and retain existing customers, Zara adopted Augmented reality in retail store app. With its app, it allowed users to show their phones to a podium or window at their stores or scan a particular image on their website and get to see models like Fran Summers and Lea Julian sport their preferred looks. When they like it, they could immediately buy it either online or at a store.

If you notice, this entices all the senses a human being can experience and even gets the attention of people who have never bought apparels from Zara try the app and their clothing once. This was nothing less than a masterstroke and a game changer.

Best Ways To Integrate Augmented Reality In Your Retail Store

Smart Mirrors


What if we told you that you could try a fashion apparel you like without even putting it on? Well, say hello to smart mirrors then. Smart mirrors are futuristic alternatives to the trial rooms that exist today. These devices help you try out clothing and give you a better idea of how you would look when you actually wear them.

Considering the hygiene standards that are becoming the norm, this will be a blessing in retail stores. Besides, retail giants like Ralph Lauren, Zara, Burberry and others have replaced conventional trial rooms with smart mirrors.

Virtual Tailors


Another interesting application of AR & VR in Retail Applications is in the concept called virtual tailors. Yet another futuristic application, this is where you would need no tailors or any sort of manual intervention whatsoever to take your measurements for the perfectly-fitting apparel.

Sounds intriguing already?

With virtual tailors, there will only be sensors, scanners and machine learning algorithms accurately taking measurements of your body and stitching the perfect attire for your special occasions. Tailor-made gets a whole new definition with its introduction.

Though it seems surreal, a company called Fit Freedom already offers its customers this experience. The augmented reality clothing app development captures measurements and transmits the data for processing across layers of product lines to finally deliver a product that is made to perfection.

Why This is the Right Time To Deploy Augmented Reality In Retail

Firstly, it is fun and how you use it entirely depends on your creativity. We saw how even a mundane process like taking measurements for stitching could be made fun with the help of augmented reality.

Secondly, tech giants like Apple and Google are offering their augmented reality kits and platforms so you could make use of them to create your own clothes finder application. From generating leads and improving campaigns to increasing your business revenue, you could leverage the potential of augmented reality to your advantage.

And if you’re still wondering what benefits augmented reality app development could bring you, here’s a list:

  • It allows customers to actively participate in an otherwise passive process. This offers an engaging, immersive experience unique to them.
  • It offers a glimpse of their future in real-time and visualizes their assumptions and clarifications. This lets them make informed decisions when it comes to buying fashion apparels.
  • No salesperson would have to convince consumers to buy something even if they like it. Consumers would have the liberty to make decisions with them.
  • Geographical distances are no longer barriers as all that the consumers need is an application. Products can be delivered home regardless of where they are.
  • Augmented reality in retail store app eliminates the need for business owners to set up a store and invest in infrastructure and operational expenses.
  • It’s futuristic and garners attention from even those who don’t care about technology.
  • It generates data that is home to crucial information on the market, consumer behavior and more.
  • Consumers would turn into your brand evangelist when they have unique experience with your augmented reality features.

Wrapping Up

Though it sounds fun, the road to offering all these benefits to your consumers takes time. You have to work on sensors and devices, 3D-modeled visuals, algorithms and more before the final product functions without bugs and errors.

That’s why a mammoth vision like this demands equally competent augmented reality app developers like us as  ar vr app development company. We have the best artists, designers, app developers, product managers and more in our arsenal who would do an excellent job at rolling out the perfect final product of your idea.

So, we recommend getting in touch with us today.

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