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Hey Guys! Let me introduce myself finally. I am Dianna Orozco, A 21 year old Fiancee , Daughter, Friend, Grand-daughter,Sister. As well as an entrepenuer with so many ideas that my mind one day is going to explode! I love all things beauty, especially lipsticks I actually own various amounts of those! I also love to keep up with fashion trends, I try my best to stay up to date. My style is a little more bohemian as well as casual. Currently, attempting to do various things at once! Between juggling my college life as well as my own personal & work life it gets pretty hectic .I come from a not so great relationship back ground of two parents who are basically still learning  how to live their lives , just as we all are. As well as two loving & supporting grandparents and one crazy family . Not to mention a fiancee who i adore and who’s super supportive of me! He is my confidant and honestly i think we all need a best friend to love & support us through our crazy & wild ideas!

Together with all these amazing people in my life , I have created my brand named XENNA&JER . A lot of people have asked me where i came up with this idea as well as this name. I came across Xenna-Jer when i wanted to start my own blog. It kind of just all came together and the name fit perfectly. The word xenna is just my way of empowering woman and Jer is short for Greatness. Together they define who i am, what i want, as well as my brand. I created Xenna&Jer for various reasons, I wanted to make a brand as well as a shop in which my style was defined and who i was as a blogger as well. All while helping non profit organizations and other good causes. Our first product we launched is a Vegan, Cruelty Free lipstick which is Handmade . We actually join forces with smaller productionist’s and choose our final product.

I am also a beach girl, I always have been . Being, born & raised in Lawndale, Ca kind of gave me the liberty to bike to the beach or run in the mornings by the breeze and smell the salty air! But in January last year i decided it was time to move out! And create my own home and travel! I am currently in the process of moving to Bakersfield and Like every typical 20 year old I learn as i go! Once I’m there i’m hoping to move my online store to a local store in Bakersfield, Ca where i hope to join forces with middle schools as well as high school and the local communities to give back ! And I’m so excited for you all to join me in my journey of growing up and finding who i am as well as learning everyday! Follow my blog https://xennajer.wordpress.com/ & my online store https://xennajer.com/



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