How to Create an App Like Snapchat: the Best Tools & Methods to Use

How to Create an App Like Snapchat: the Best Tools & Methods to Use

The Phenomenon of the Snapchat App: Why are Such Apps Becoming Popular?

If you are interested to know how to create a new app like Snapchat, first of all, let’s start with an overview of this popular application.

Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy founded the app Pictaboo and renamed it Snapchat back in September 2011. Initially, the app was launched as a messaging app with the feature of making messages disappear in one to ten seconds after being opened.

Today, Snapchat offers its users entertainment, news, and the opportunity to add photo filters, lenses, and other effects and share the results with friends.

Snapchat wasn’t the first app that offered media-based social networking features, but it is among those who managed to attract loyal users to its special communication style and to gain huge revenue. In 2021, Snapchat's ad-selling revenue is likely to reach $2,6 million. Moreover, it is among the most popular social networks of teenagers in the United States for almost 10 years.

There are a couple of reasons what it could become that popular. We can think of a complete understanding of the needs of the audience and appealing UI/UX design what is always half the success.

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