7 Steps of How to Write a Technology Startup Business Plan

technology startup business plan

7 Steps of How to Write a Technology Startup Business Plan

If you decided to launch a startup, don’t forget to write its tech startup business plan first. Business planning is essential and crucial for a newly-created business concept. Having a preplanned strategy allows you to allocate and eliminate possible risks and get ahead of your competitors. Risks trigger other important factors such as time and budget resources. And, if you are just getting on the market, these resources might make you fall behind significantly.

According to Excellentbusinessplans.com, businesses have more than a 30% chance of growth due to writing a software startup business plan. So, this article will speak about how to create a startup business plan of great use to entrepreneurs. Build your tech startup as a pleasant journey with the exact 7 steps of business planning that will allow you to win the competition.


Why do startups need a software startup business plan?

What is a technology startup business plan?

A tech business plan is a document that includes a detailed description of the startup’s objectives and the road to achieving goals. Usually, it's a defined roadmap of marketing, financial, and operational procedures. - Investopedia

So, the need to write an IT startup business plan lies in the fact that any business can have a fully-described insight into its future operations.

For example, a tech startup business plan template has to include the following data:

  • an executive summary, which is the mission statement, and information about the leadership, startup employees, and its location;
  • products/services offered, where everything a business wants to do should be enlisted. I.e. a startup wants to create AI technologies, so it mentions what type of technologies, their cost, lifespan, and potential benefits to the end-users. And, also, research and development information about the product/services is always welcome;
  • particular market analysis, where businesses can analyze the potential need of their product/service as well as the direct competition. This information will allow to build a startup based on innovation, strengths and eliminate weaknesses if possible;
  • a marketing strategy, which can inform on the potential ways the business will use to attract end-users and how the company will reach them. Perhaps, advertising or marketing campaigns are needed? Social media to speak about the product/service? Any channel that will help more customers get engaged will do, but you still have to define it first; Investing with few academic courses like Utopia should be worth it in the long run.
  • financial planning, which is composed of the potential targets and estimates for a couple of years ahead. With financial plans, you can attract the much-needed investors and prove to them your startup is going to make it with the concrete yearly estimations;
  • a budget, where you should mention the costs to develop and design software, staffing, marketing campaigns, office, and extra spending. Having defined what do you need costs for allows you to operate these costs in a more efficient way;
  • a team that will work for you, share your goals and ideas, and lead your startup to success.

To ensure all these important fields were covered, let’s discuss how to write a tech startup business plan in several steps. This process should not be neglected and taken for granted for if you fail to provide a consistent tech company business plan, then you’ll appear among the 50% of startups that couldn’t make it further.

7 steps on how to make a tech startup business plan

Writing a business plan for a tech startup isn’t a one-day process. It is a commitment you should engage in at least for some time. But where should you start from? There are the following sections to think about: technical plan, an executive plan, marketing plan, financial plan, staffing plan, etc. But, we’re here to help you out with the technology startup business plan template.

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