User Journey Mapping in Interface Development: 7 Best Practices

User Journey Mapping in Interface Development: 7 Best Practices

Journey mapping in interface development is an important process in app design. UI/UX designers shouldn’t neglect it as it is a major tool in understanding users. Flows that help understand users better are necessary to build outstanding solutions for clients and allow their business to grow organically.

In 2021, a customer experience journey survey was held in the USA. The survey asked businesses about their challenges in creating useful customer journey maps.


The most common challenge occurring was the lack of inter-departmental collaboration. Almost 40% of respondents struggle with the inability to work together as a team. But, best practices in customer journey mapping aim at making collaborations essential. Also, if you want to eliminate product risks as to UI and UX touchpoints, then consider implementing what a visitor of your website would like to see.

So, how to develop a journey map? What are the benefits of CJM? Let’s find out further.

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Published by Nazar Kvartalnyi

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