The Reasons Why Everyone Is Excited About The Mobile Game Theater

The Reasons Why Everyone Is Excited About The Mobile Game Theater

Aug 12, 2021, 11:58:28 AM Entertainment

The world we live in is seeing numerous advances with the help of technology. One of the fields that have been revolutionized in recent years due to technology is entertainment. A few decades ago, people had limited traditional options to entertain themselves; however, now, one watches a movie, plays games, and is socially connected only with a smartphone.

Entertainment is a vast segment and also includes gaming which itself is a multibillion industry. According to Tech Injury, there are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, which is a staggering figure. Today, many gaming enthusiasts enjoy playing games on their smartphones, but PC and console games have a massive following.

The PC gaming industry rose to nearly $40 billion, while console gaming posted almost $60 billion in 2019. Most of the gamers range from ages 16 to 34. Experts suggest that in 2021, the gaming industry will continue to generate approximately $180 billion in revenue.

What is Mobile Gaming on Wheels?

The gaming industry is integrating new trends, such as the concept of game trucks or mobile game theaters. This concept lets you play multiplayer games with your friends on a truck and in front of large display screens.

A mobile game theater can be a room such as a basement room dedicated to movie watching. However, the concept is based on customizing a truck with television screens, sound system, lighting system, network system, and gaming consoles.

A typical mobile game theater consists of

● 5 to 6 television screens

Limousine style interior space

Comfortable seating for up to 10 to 14 players

High-quality sound and surround system

Colorful lighting system

Two large television screens on the outside for additional 8 players

● Top gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii

Climate controlled environment

Extensive library of all the popular and trending games, which include action games, strategy games, sports games, and role-playing games.

The Growing Trend of Booking Game Truck Rental

People are always looking for exciting opportunities and experiences, and a game truck is the best new solution. In events and celebrations, people always look for an activity in which many individuals can participate. In a game truck, 14 to 15 players can play inside, while 7 to 8 players can play the game outside simultaneously.

It’s all fun, thrill, and excitement on a game truck with non-stop activity. Children, teenagers, and adults can all join and have fun. It is very easy to book a game truck rental for any event, whether a birthday party, graduation party, fundraiser or family reunion.

You can go online and fill in all the details, and the game truck will arrive at the venue. The truck can park inside the driveway or garden if there is adequate space. Apart from the house, the game truck can park in school, university, office grounds, and any place where the event is scheduled.

It takes only a few minutes for the Game Coach to set up and allow the host and guest to enter the game truck. You can see the cutting-edge technology on full display with large screens, game consoles, and vibrant lights to give a fully immersive feeling.

The entire environment is engaging, captivating, and thrilling. A person can play an individual game, but the main attraction is when everyone plays multiplayer games and team-up. There is enough room in the truck for people to stand, sit, dance, and walk around.

Why Book Game Truck for Events

An event is an activity where many people gather and, as the host, needs to engage the guest. For many people, an event is a mark of celebration, and it is incomplete without any fun-filling activity. A game truck provides all the excitement and fun anyone can wish for. For example, a graduation party is the best time for the young to party all day.

The youth already know about the games and are very excited to compete against each other. Not every young individual owns an expensive gaming console or enjoys other amenities. However, a game truck is the best opportunity for young and adults to enjoy themselves and play their favorite games.

Few games that everyone is more than excited to play are Fortnite, Madden, Fifa 21, Mari Kart, Just Dance, Call of Duty, Halo, and Rocket League. The game truck has an onboard generator that provides the electricity to run all the onboard systems. You do not have to worry about the screens going blank in the middle of the game.

The community is returning to normalcy after a year of lockdown and staying at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What better way to get together and have fun than in a mobile game theatre. The game truck is properly sanitized and cleaned before arriving for an event. The Game Coach also ensures that the players use sanitizer before sitting down and grabbing the game controllers.

Most people serve food at the events, so it is better to ask the guest to arrive half an hour before the party starts. The Game Coach will make an introduction and give details on the features of the game truck. If the youth want to team up for a competition, the Game Coach will describe the rules.

How to Book a Game Truck Rental

Few family-owned companies design and develop custom game trucks. An online website allows you to view the various options along with the features of the truck. Once you have read the information, you can fill an online form to book the game truck rental service. You have to provide your name, address, and contact information.

The key details include the type of event along with the date and time. If you require any additional features such as VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, you can do so. You can also specify the games you want for the event.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of mobile game theater is to provide an unforgettable experience to people. A game truck is an exciting and luxurious way to play all the top games. The environment inside the truck is electric, and there is the option of climate control. Seeing the ongoing safety measures, the trucks arrive at the event after a full sanitation check. A sanitizer is also present on board for the participants.

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