What are the most challenging aspects of online education?

What are the most challenging aspects of online education?

Oct 7, 2021, 9:52:55 PM News

If you are looking for ways to make your college experience better, then one route to take is online learning. It is no secret that online courses offer a virtual learning environment that can be conducive to teaching students in today's ever-changing digital world. However, with every new advancement comes new challenges; thus, creating obstacles that must be overcome to reap the benefits of online education.

Top 5 Challenges of Online Learning

1. Technology is Essential for Successful Learning

The ability to access the internet, computer technology, and other devices which are compatible with your course are key elements in achieving academic success in an online course. If you cannot correctly utilize these tools, then your learning experience will be limited.

2. Learn How to Manage Your Time

Most online courses require anywhere from 6-10+ hours of required course time per week. In addition to any other commitments, you may have, such as family, work, or other classes.

3. Online Education is Not for Everyone

Online education is not for everyone! If you cannot fully immerse yourself in your studies, then this path probably won't be the best fit for you. Also, some colleges are better suited towards online learning than others, so it's important to do some research beforehand on schools that offer online degree programs.

4. Virtual Classrooms Can Be Confusing

With virtual classrooms comes a whole new set of rules and procedures that must be mastered before participating within the discussion boards or lectures.

5. Online Learning Requires Self-Motivation

One cannot do online leaning all by himself or herself. You must have a certain degree of self-motivation in order to get success within an online education environment. Hire online class help today to overcome these challenges and use our educational experts to help you through your online classes. Hiring our online tutors can be the difference between passing or failing your next test! Hire online class help today to get started on overcoming those challenges!


What is the impact of online classes on students?

Less face-to-face time and greater time expectations can be a cause of stress for students. Some students do not like the lack of professor feedback that is typical with online courses. Other students may feel they don't belong to a community or can become easily distracted because there is no physical classroom presence, such as an instructor.

This is true especially in larger online classes where sometimes their comments cannot even be seen.

Often students in online classes are working with no one else but the instructor. And they may feel that he or she is unreachable. This can easily cause stress for students, even more so if they need clarification on an assignment or have questions about their grades. Hiring an online class might alleviate this problem.

What do students actually prefer?

According to a college professor Hany Farid survey, approximately 40% of students prefer distance learning over traditional classrooms when considering degree programs across all subject areas.

In addition, most distance learners preferred taking courses from educational institutions in their state or out-of-state institutions. Students who prefer online courses are generally content with online instruction. But still, they view it as less effective than traditional courses. Yet the research shows that students who enrolled in online education are more likely to complete their degrees."

How to overcome the challenge?

Students usually experience a lot of distractions during online classes due to the lack of structure. Students are habitual of learning in a specific "classroom" setting with certain rules and regulations for each course.

When taking an online class, they have no physical restrictions, which leave them open to distractions while learning or completing assignments. Professors need to find creative ways to keep their students focused on the topics at hand while still giving them the freedom needed to acquire knowledge without constraints.

As technology advances, so do educational techniques along with it! One such technique is gamification which uses gameplay mechanisms such as points, rewards, and status elements within non-game applications. People have been using gamification in corporate training programs for many years. And it is eventually leading users to become more competitive and proficient in learning, improving their performance on the tasks.

Perks of Online Education Classes

Students' other biggest concern when taking online classes is not receiving enough support from teachers or peers, leading to difficulty understanding course material. It generally involves deliberate practice that contributes directly to expertise development.

Hiring tutors could be beneficial in helping students overcome the challenges they face in online learning. Hiring a tutor can help students become more driven to learn through deliberate practice and minimizing distractions. It may lead them to better grades and overall improvement of one's education.

The key for both professors and students is to ensure a good balance between freedom and structure within the class. A new form of learning has been created, which combines both elements by introducing "flipped classrooms.” It allows teachers to teach new concepts in a classroom setting while recording lectures. So that students can easily review these lectures later at home. 

This leaves open time during class for interactive discussions or student presentations where the most important part of learning takes place - what happens between teacher & student as well as among classmates.

With this method, instructors can spend more time catering to their students' needs and reviewing the important concepts. It will eventually lead them to increased retention of material and overall higher scores in online assessments.

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