Weird East Asian Challenges

Weird East Asian Challenges

Social Media Challenges . Remember the Kylie Jenner Lips Challenge and the Don't Judge Challenge that promoted a whole different idea from how it was supposed to be . Well guess what , new weirder and messed up challenges are trending in East Asia . And here are some of them :

  • Behind the back belly button challenge

This challenge literally  consists of putting your hand behind your back and being able to touch your belly button , and if you can do that , it means that you're skinny enough and that you have a good body figure .

How ridiculous is that .I can’t do it and it doesn’t mean that I’m not skinny enough or that I don’t have a good body figure . It just means that I’m not flexible and that I don’t have long arms . A chubby guy did it and he posted his picture to prove that it wasn’t about being skinny .

  • Coins in collarbone

This one consists of putting as much coins in your collarbones and if you can do it , then congratulations you’re skinny , according to this challenge . I can’t do it and I don’t even have collarbones lol and that is completely ok because this challenge is just ridiculous !

And you can even try it with eggs ! But make sure they are hard boiled haha !

  • Waist Challenge

For this one , you need to be able to put an A4 paper on your waist and it has to fit . If it fits , then you’re skinny .  You may have guessed it by now , eastern asians are obssessed with being skinny . Being skinny and having fair skin is being beautiful over there . I think these kind of social media challenges are becoming  too much . Because many east asian girls and women take them very seriously . These challenges are just ridiculous !

  • Pen under boob challenge

It literally means that you have to stick a pen under your boob and if you can do it , you have great boobs ! LOL That is the most dumb thing I’ve ever heard .

  • Finger Trap Test

According to this one , you need to put your finger on your nose and it can’t touch your lips . If it doesn't , then you have a beautiful and proportionate face . If your finger touches your lips , then you're ugly like me (jk) !

  • Iphone in Legs

For this one , you need an iphone and you need to put it on your knees if it fits both of them , then you're skinny and you have nice legs . I guess I don't have nice enough legs for East Asia .

  • Reverse Prayer Pose

This one is actually a classic yoga pose , however in China , it's done with the added challenge of raising your hands as high as they can go , the higher your hands can get the more beautiful you are . The top lever is Beyond Goddess , followed by Goddess , Girl Next Door , Female Diaosi . " Diaosi " is an unclearly defined social class in China , somewhere around the lower middle class . And the final level is hard to translate but it refers to a woman well suited to building a new addition to your house or beating up bullies for you . 

  • Hairy armpit selfie 

This was actually a contest in China . Forty six women participated and posted selfies with hairy armpits . And this is the only challenge on this list I actually like ! Women also have underarm hair , why do we have to shave it ? and why does it have to be taboo ? Men don't shave their armpits and their body hair in general . So why do women have to shave it ? Having body hair is a normal thing . Women shouldn't feel ashamed of it . We need more challenges like this and less ridiculous ones promoting being skinny . Beauty Standards are set by media and society , but it doesn't mean that if you don't look like a model then you're not beautiful . Beauty comes in all shapes and colors . Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way . Be your own kind of  beautiful , create your own standard for beauty  !


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