My Secret Facemask

My Secret Facemask

And it's homemade...

As a millennial young adult, having a face full of foundation is definitely not an option for me. I am seriously all about having a natural glowing skin without layers and layers of makeup products that no matter how good quality they are will still make your face look kinda cake-y.

Now I'm not saying that i don't use any face products because that would be a lie, unfortunately i don't have a natural glowing face as if i just came out of a Clinique commercial and, I'm okay with that. That's why i kinda spend a reasonable amount of my time searching for natural face masks as an alternative to makeup products.

Now since I'm new on the Platform and I'm trying to gain your sympathy ... Just kidding *No seriously* I'm gonna share with you one of my secrets for making the best face masks *Note the One.. Yes it means i have many secrets and they can be all yours* .... The trick is to use different ingredients that are beneficial for special parts and mix them all together so that you kinda have one mask that will do wonders to all your face and not just your blackheads or pimples or...

Now my mask contains : Tomatoes, Milk, Turmeric, Baking Soda, Egg whites and Olive Oil. No no you're not preparing a salad it's actually a face mask. and THE TRICK is to actually mix them all together and you'll actually get the best of both words.

You'll definitely look like an alien while applying it and you need to let it dry for about one hour so go read some book or polish your nails or whatever and once you take it off you'll notice your face being super smooth super glowing, super fancy Clinique might even consider you for a shoot but you actually need to apply it at least two times a week to get a very clean, healthy looking skin.

Are you all about face masks or do you have other tricks to keep your face healthy and glowy ? Let me know in the comments what you think of the face mask and if you're gonna try it.

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