Workout Motivation ? Fitness Haul !

Workout Motivation ? Fitness Haul !

Working out is something fundamental, it shapes the mind and the body and once you get used to it, skipping gym or yoga class will seem impossible for you because it became a part of you and a day without working out, whether it's running, yoga or pilates will just not seem right.. Yes, people who feel this way exist !

Then there's people like me, who workout once a month or once in two months, because we're too lazy. Al though i'd love to be back to the days where i was a workout junkie, Like two years ago i used to workout everyday and i really noticed a change both in my body and in the way i handled things.. I was more at ease with myself.. But right now, whenever i feel like working out i always end up loosing motivation.

But i found out something about myself which is whenever i go out looking for workout gear i get excited to wear them and actually workout ! It's like i get inspired and they really motivate me to do something for my body. Plus they some shirts come with really cute/funny messages like -Biceps don't grow on trees- or -I sweat glitter-

So yeah the next time you feel out of motivation to workout go to the mall and check every sport store there is i promise it will leave you at least a bit motivated to go out even for a 5min run, or buy something a shirt, capri, headband whatever you feel like buying and you'll want to workout just to try them on -It's an other serious case if you wear them and still lay in your bed all day-

PS : Looking on the internet won't feel the same as touching the clothes and feeling that je ne sais quoi vibe that every sport store has.. Just sayin' so get up from that sofa girl !

What do You do to get motivated to workout ? Does shopping for new gear helps ? let me know in the comments !

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