All About Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP, in short for Platelet Rich Plasma, has revolutionized not only Sports Medicine, but also has been used with great success in other areas, namely cosmetic medicine and sexual medicine.

This stems from the fact that when platelets are activated they release several growth factors that stimulate the production of new tissues including blood vessels, collagen, and elastin,  based on where it is injected.

Platelet rich plasma was initially used in sports medicine for healing injuries to the joints and tendons in athletes. In many instances the healing was not only accelerated but also it was more complete with less scar formation.

In cosmetic medicine platelet rich plasma has been used in conjunction with fillers to contour the face and improve the appearance of texture of the skin and symmetry, widely known as vampire facelift. Combining the platelet rich plasma with hyaluronic acid fillers gave greater results than using either of them alone. Pioneered by Dr. Charles Runels MD, this cosmetic treatment has become very popular from common man to celebrities.

The results from platelet rich plasma are variable based on the number of platelets present in the extracted plasma. There are two methods being employed to separate platelet rich plasma. The first method uses a single spin technology and the second one dual spin technology. A small number of studies show that dual spin technology yields more platelets than single spin technology. Platelet rich plasma is either injected, micro-needled, are combined with dermal fillers prior to injection.

PRP is also used to improve the supporting tissues between urethra and vagina which is responsible for urinary incontinence and leaks in women after child births. The ability of PRP to improve the clitoral and vaginal-orgasm-system is also the basis of O shot. Similarly, PRP has been used successfully to improve erectile dysfunction treatment NJ in men.

Another great stride in the science of platelet rich plasma is its application in improving the hair loss in men and women when injected into the scalp. PRP has been known to benefit women with hair loss better than men with hair loss. Due to the possible nature of PRP stimulating the dormant hair follicles, nowadays many hair transplant surgeons are recommending PRP treatment in NJ following a transplant surgery to augment and enhance the benefits.

As there will be more advances in understanding how platelet rich plasma works, there will be many more uses in future. It should be remembered that all the above PRP applications are currently considered off-label usage.

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