The Australian American Leadership Dialogue (AALD) has been publicly described as “the most significant initiative in private diplomacy in Australian history.” Commencing twenty-six years ago, the AALD’s successful evolution has been nourished by the initial Presidential imprimatur of President George HW Bush while in office, as well as by his Democrat and Republican Presidential successors.

The Australian American Leadership Dialogue recently launched its 2019 program — with the 13th annual West Coast Leadership Dialogue (WCLD) which occurred on Sunday, January 13  in Seattle, WA, San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA.

The 2019 WCLD cohort is the largest and most significant, private delegation of Australian leaders to ever visit Seattle. The 2019 program focused on leading-edge innovation and further opportunities for collaboration between Australia and the US. Delegates will explore topics of critical relevance to Australia and the United States, including:

· The shaping of the healthcare industry through personalization and precision medicine

· Leadership in Innovation and the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning

· Future plans for Smart Infrastructure to drive opportunities and threats associated with smarter cities

Delegates who attended included, Governor Jay Inslee (WA), former Australian Ambassador, Jeff Bleich, VP IBM Rashida Hodge, Bill & Melinda Gates Chair, PG Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering University of Washington, Ed Lazowska all were in attendance.

The program was led at a national political level with Federal Cabinet Minister, The Hon Alan Tudge and former Labor Deputy Prime Minister, The Hon Anthony Albanese leading discussions surrounding key, geo-strategic trends, and shifts within the region. These discussions included the leaders of major Universities, Government and the Private Sector, with a clear focus on continuing to develop a strong relationship between Australia and the United States.

Keynoting the delegation’s activities in Seattle was the WCLD Annual Innovation Conversation, featuring a panel on the future of smart cities. The Dialogue was honored to welcome representatives from Seattle’s recently establish Innovation Advisory Council, including Artefact, Flying Fish, and Microsoft in the council’s first significant engagement with a senior level non-partner organization.

“With the largest group of Australian leaders to ever visit Seattle, the 2019 West Coast Leadership Dialogue explored the technological advancements in healthcare, manufacturing, and infrastructure, as well as collaboration opportunities in the space sector — a suite of topics that mirror Seattle’s own innovation-based economy. These exchanges ensure that Australia, Seattle, and the United States can have the tools necessary to meet the social, technological and policy challenges of the future.”

-Phil Scanlan; Founder

Published by Yatin Arora


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