Important Facts About Traditional & Promotional Flags

Important Facts About Traditional & Promotional Flags

Jan 13, 2022, 12:36:26 PM News

It's been used for thousands of years. We all have it hanging outside, and it's often personalized with a few letters or numbers. This is especially noticeable in commercial areas, where stores often have large flags or banners outside their buildings. Given the sizes of the flags, it's hard to miss them. When I'm driving through a major shopping center, I often see them proclaim the specials being offered, which I'm all for.

So, in this article, I’ll talk about the important and interesting facts about flags and banners and going to discuss how these flags are used for promoting businesses.

1. The first-time flags and banners were created to help military personnel in battlefields. As time-evolving, we see countries, offices, states, and organizations using the flags for advertising or for personal use. Today flags are used for signaling various things especially in military and maritime solutions. In the 18th century, generally, flags and banners were primarily used for military and naval territory. Most people don't know that flags can be used for decorating their homes also. And now you will see most of the stores use country flags outside their business or store and even use customized flags with the store’s logo placed nearby.

2.  Interesting fact that the design of the oldest country flag still used today is the Denmark flag which was created in the 13th century.

3. Do you know Nepal is the only country whose flag doesn’t have any rectangular shape in it. (If you talk about the US states Ohio and Tampa are states whose flags don’t have any rectangular shape in them. The Nepalese flag is like having two triangles stacked on each other. Unique shape flags are used to attract the attention of customers from distance away. Examples of some popular promotional flags are teardrop flags and feather flags.

4. The largest flag in this universe is of Egypt flag that’s been flying high in the sky in Jeddah, erected at a height of 210m.

5. Many traditional flags, designed in such a way that it has a specific meaning. Like from the colors chosen to the text or any picture shown depicts some motto. While we don’t find any such thing in new modern design promotional flags (outside stores or restaurants) we do similar techniques to make sure that customers will stop and have a look and notice your business product and service. Make sure the backgrounds are eye-catching.

6. The one who studies the scholarly flags is known as vexillography.

7. According to US etiquette, once the flags have gone past of repair or been damaged in a way that it can’t be repaired, it should be destroyed in a respectful way like being burned. Most of the promotional flags are designed for long-term use made from high-quality materials such as polyester. It can withstand any weather conditions, withstand capability depends on the flagpole also, which uses to display your flags and must be of high-quality material.  

So, I concluded that flags are used primarily for catching the attention of the users. Previously they were used on battlefields, and now they are used for promotion outside stores and restaurants. 

Published by Yatin Arora

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