iPhone Tips and Tricks

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Aug 16, 2018, 2:11:48 PM News

Apple’s iPhone has a lot of must-have features but there are several top tips and tricks you perhaps didn’t know you could do on this amazing smartphone. If you own an iPhone, you’re possibly well-used to opening its most significant features. Nevertheless, this popular device is packed with many hidden extras that can be extremely convenient. From making a very quick call to super-fast charging, here’s some of the hidden features you probably never knew about.

Make a Very Quick Call

If it happens that you’re in need to swiftly redial the last number you called from your device, there's a shortcut that will save you time. Simply open the Phone app (the green app with the image of the telephone handset). Instead of selecting on the ‘Recents tab’ (with the image of the clock face), just click on the green call button from the main keypad screen. This will instantaneously phone the last number you called.

Know Who’s Calling Without Checking

Let’s say you’re playing your favourite game at Lucky VIP Casino and do not want to be interrupted, you can still know who's calling without having to close the game. In contacts, choose a family member or friend and tap Edit. Then, where it displays Ringtone click on the word Default - this will ultimately take you to a series of options including Vibration. Click on this setting and select how you want your iOS device to react when that contact calls.

Find the Hidden Track Pad

iPhone has always had a very consistent way to move your text indicator – holding down on the text until a small zoom glass shows up, which can be pulled to your preferred spot. However, with the introduction of 3D Touch, Apple has built an even advancedway to swiftlychoose and navigate around a body of text.

Click harder on the standard keyboard and the separate keys will vanish and turn a touch of grey, altering the surface into a digital trackpad. Sliding your thumb round the greyed-out surface will change the pointer. Push harder again, and you can choose text as the pointer moves. If you underline the incorrect word, just release the pressure – without taking your finger off the display – and then push harder again to release.

Super-Fast Charging

Apple’s latest iPhone X and iPhone 8 both support faster charging, however if you don’t own one of these devices there’s still another way to charge more swiftly. Simply swipe up on your home screen to uncoverthe control centre and select the airplane icon. This will eventually put your device in Airplane Mode and will also ensure your phone charges fully around 5 minutes.

If for example, you’re a slot enthusiast and are used to playing the amazing games on Lucky VIP, then the super-fast charging can be of great use. Also, you’ll still be able to access the live dealer games when super-fast charging your iPhone. Just make sure you remember to switch off the Airplane Mode when you're completely powered up.


There are many more tips and tricks in an iPhone, and it is believed that with the years to come, new innovative set of options will be included to this smartphone. For instance, would you imagine that iOS users would one day be able to play online games at Lucky VIP Casino? The answer is certainly no. With the pace iPhone and Lucky VIP are advancing, it is practically impossible to think of what they’ll likely come up with in the near future.

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