Make Self-Defense a part of your Healthy Lifestyle

Make Self-Defense a part of your Healthy Lifestyle

Aug 9, 2018, 2:11:40 PM Life and Styles

We are living in a world where technological advancement is neither in any way lessening the risks of being attacked nor increasing social safety. In that case knowing the art of how to defend yourself in any unforeseen circumstances becomes a must. In order to achieve that one has to be in a state of mind where you are in charge of your own security by learning the safety skills. These skills enable you to train your mind to be more active, efficient and secure out there, thereby increasing your productivity and social awareness.

The greatest of wealth is health. No ingredient has such prime importance in leading a successful life than being healthy. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by being both physically and mentally fit. It’s an active mind that leads to a healthy body that ensures a balanced lifestyle. Having a peaceful state of mind is linked directly with your overall physical health.

Knowing the wisdom and knowledge behind every task is what makes accomplishing that task more motivating and interesting enabling you to avail from it in a better way.

Listed down below are the prime benefits for learning self-defense skills adding power and health to your lifestyle in the form of both physical and psychological factors.

Physical Health

This might just be the best help you need!

How to remain physically fit?

This world has upgraded to a virtual community. Generally, nobody finds the need to undergo any actual physical activity to accomplish the daily life tasks. This has reduced the need of physical movement to a great amount leading to a sedentary lifestyle. This sluggish lifestyle causes some serious health risks in addition to making us less active physically and mentally.

To remain physically fit and healthy one needs to overcome this by involving in an actual healthy exercises.

Extra fat! That’s a tough nut to crack, but when you see it effecting your life style, health and even your overall balance, I think it should be first thing to tackle.

Learning self-defense helps you to establish a healthy lifestyle. Thus when combined with the dual benefits of giving fitness goals and safety, your self-defense classes have an extra plus.

Extra Motivation Doesn’t Hurt!

A toned body is a goal for a proper workout, and this is what your self-defense classes can give you; a physically fit body that is ready to react and defend any emergency state.

Just seeing karate, martial arts, jujitsu, tae kwon do or krav maga type self-defense classes can make you feel motivated enough to join them. Knowing the level of physical power they impart in you, can land you to become their permanent member.

Self-defense training, include a complete body workout as martial arts and karate include aerobic moves.

The physical self-defense aspects of these classes are designed in a way a complete body workout processes. And regular or non-regular gym people here would know that muscle toning and regular intervals are must in a complete workout. They make you do some high intensity moves mixed with some low intensity interval stretching for your strategic muscle development.

Hence, we have established up till now that self-defense has all what it takes to constitute a complete workout regime.

So gear up folks! No excuse for being physically active, as there are no excuses on safety.

Lose your breath

Good things come to those who HUSTLE.

Research has shown that a way to improve your cardiovascular health is to improve your heart strength and involve in stressful exercises.

Resting your heart and body is not helping it any way. Befriending a stressful exercise can improve the state of your heart also in addition to burning your calories and losing that extra weight.

Life is all about BALANCE…

Honestly most of us don’t know how to balance our body and mind to act together, or even undergo more than one physical move at the same time.

By doing a simple test of walking and talking for five to ten minutes was enough for me to show me my balance, health and state of my heart all together.

No, I was just walking not climbing!

As for self-defense, balancing the state of mind and body is what makes you act in situations of danger. One has to think the next move at the same time while doing the first. You have to gain enough body control and balance to do the smart self-defense moves at once. Self-defense classes teaches you to balance these without falling over, yet maintaining your complete focus at the same time.

Focus is the KEY!

Focus, be it on your general life goals, how to lead a successful life or just being completely fit is primarily all you require to start and end whatever you want to achieve.

Self-defense skills teach you how to focus on your moves enabling you to master them and to use in danger. How to focus on balancing your every move, in fact every right move. They teach you how to become self-aware by enhancing your reflexes and street smartness, how to remain aware and alert all the time so that you can defend yourself.

They let you focus on your skills, improve them by combatting your weaknesses and tackling the weak points of attacker. A prime need of security and an outcome of self

All this can be achieved by a healthy, active and physically fit individual.

So learn to defend yourself for your own safety and complete physical health!
An independent secure person can definitely be a healthy person.

Mental Health

Why am I tired all the time?

World health organization has declared that a healthy state constitutes complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Paying attention to nurture the mind is as important as spending hours for exercise and improving physical health. The fact is that one cannot flourish without the other.

A healthy state of mind constitutes;

  • How well one behaves socially,
  • Tackling the fear of unknown,
  • Managing the impulsive reactions,
  • Keeping a composed state of mind in difficult, negative and emergency situations and
  • Being mentally aware and improved reflexes.

How great it would be to achieve all this with one task!

Learning self-defense will surely let you achieve a state of a mentally healthy person. Your mind is your best weapon. They train you how to use it like so and achieve that safety and independence level that you need to have in your daily secure lifestyle.

Fight the Negativity!

Certainly gaining the level of happiness and contentment of mind can be your secret recipe for success.

Post workout bliss is an actual thing. Exercise in addition to elevating your body fitness releases endorphins, the happy hormone. It enhances positivity in your mind which reflects in your mood and your overall attitude.

Exercising self- defense skills can have an actual positive effect on your state of mind. A positive person is a happy person.

Control the situations!

Self-defense skills impart in you the positivity and freedom to be yourself, and the freedom that one can be on their own without any external help. They alleviate the fear of unknown and can let you to be more confident and positive. Positive thoughts give you an edge to control the negativity and fear leading to the frustration an attacking situation can impart on your mind. You become a person who is in a state to control his temperament. Only a sound individual is able to tackle their anger and not let it control him. Frustration and anger needs to be controlled as it leads to taking impulsive and not smart decisions which are totally a NO GO in self-safety, the beginning of your end.

It is rightly said that hard work and determination are not always the keys to success, one has to work smart.

Keep calm and act smart, this is what learning self-defense enables you to act likewise.


Don’t let anyone trample your Confidence…

Women empowerment is not complete without making woman physical empowered. The level of confidence a strong, self-secure and fearless woman archives reflects in her every walk of life.

For all the ladies out there, depicting actually what it means to hit like a girl would be so liberating.

An immediate self-esteem booster shot.

BE social, be aware and Be safe.

Being mentally aware is the key in self security. Self-defense skills teach you to be mentally, socially and physically aware of your surroundings. Attending self-defense classes allows you to interact socially with the peers of your society which will improve the social interaction, minimizing your stress and anxiety.

Discipline is the key to mental health success.

Good for a day, or a week and you find your routine losing in the lows of daily life after that. This clearly shows the level of self-discipline we lack in our lives. Being a part of a regular self-defense class lets you achieve the required self-discipline. It keeps you hooked because the things they teach are so out there and important to know to know.

On exploring what’s new out there.

I’m the happiest when I’m learning something new” credits

Converting the fear of unknown into learning that unknown is a way to achieve positive level of confidence. New learning and new knowledge has always such things to offer that improves your life standards and soul health.

Learning self-defense is not just learning some techniques they are learning how to control your state of mind for everything that you know and don’t know.

Learning to defend yourself is knowing that you deserve to be defended, you are important and able enough to do it yourself.

What matters MOST!

With the self-defense skills, you will not just be more safe but healthier, more confident out there and anywhere in fact.

We all hope to not encounter any such situation, that hope is good but in reality things do happen. What matters is that one should know how to defend himself as we are attacked and not safe most of the times.

After all, staying healthy and secure is the prime goal and they can be achieved together through self-defense.

Being fit and independent can make anyone happy, healthy and contented.

Published by Yatin Arora

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