Music, The Mosaic of the Air

Music, The Mosaic of the Air

Jan 9, 2019, 3:32:34 PM Life and Styles

“Music is the food of love” you all must be aware of this phase. When it comes to love, the first musical instrument that comes to our mind is surely a “violin.” There are many popular male violists out there, and their skills will surely fill your heart will love and calm.

Who doesn’t love music? According to me none of us will be there who hates music. Music is the art of transferring your emotions and love to others in a rhythmic sound and what would be a better instrument than a violin.

Male violinist like Joshua Bell, Jascha Heifetz, Fritz Kreisler, Asherlaub and many more earned a lot of fame by playing the violin and eking their emotions out of this instrument. Moreover fame and money there are many benefits of learning and playing the violin. Some benefits will help you decide to learn and to play the violin:

Benefits of learning violin

    Perfect stance

Playing the violin will surely give an ideal posture for the rest of your life. You’ve probably never seen a violist playing his violin while his back bent in their chair. All they have to do is play the violin, keeping their back, shoulder, and abdomen straight all the time.

Most importantly, our core muscles are actively working while playing a violin because it requires a lot of strength to sit straight and hold violin for a long period. Violin is the most sophisticated instrument among the entire instruments as it requires a perfect posture, more than any other melodic instrument.

    Reduces stress level

Are you stressed or something and cannot share it with someone?  Playing violin is the best way to relieve all of your stress. Let your emotions and depression flow with the rhythmic music of violin. Violin will give you inner satisfaction, and you’ll feel relaxed and fresh.

Music literally have soothing effects on your mind and violin can make you lost in what you are playing, and you’ll probably forget about all of your problems for some time.

Secondly, a lot of attention and concentration is required while playing violin and there will be no more negative thoughts in your mind as you’ll be concentrating on what you are doing.

    Increases memory

As a violist have to memorize the song, so this will probably be good for your memory muscles. Having a good memory will also lead you to learn the songs instead of reading them from the sheet music.

Not only while playing violin, but your memory muscles will also be sharpened for your academic activities as well. You’ll have good learning skills and will be able to focus on things with much attention.

    Improves mastery

Violists are multi-talented. They can use them both hands for different purposes at the same time

While playing a violin, our left side is busy reaching to the strings that gives our fingers flexibility and more dexterity; on the other hand, our right hand is engaged in holding the violin properly and move to bow. So learning a violin will be surely beneficial for you as you’ll be able to be to two different tasks at the same time

    Develops confidence level

As a beginner, you’ll always have to perform in front of your instructor and believe me it's not an easy task, but after getting some positive feedback from him or her, you’ll feel confident. We know that positive vibes are directly linked with our confidence.

And once your confidence has been built, it will be beneficial for you in other areas of your life as well as health, finance, relationships and many more.

It’s not a matter of age, either you are old or teenager, to start learning new expertise as playing violin will give you satisfaction and have a lot of benefits..

Published by Yatin Arora

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