David Michery Plans to Reinvent the American SUV and EV Segment

America’s green policy and the sustainable emission goal have pushed up the sales of electric vehicles during the last decade. As the trend drastically moves towards SUVs, Mullen Technologies is among the pioneers in the industry that made the most of it.

The current trend is accelerating and taking the automobile industry by storm. In 2018, SUVs made 40% of sales as compared to 4% sales in 2000. The same applies to the EV segment, which, according to experts, will reach 6.5 million unit sales by 2025. Many automakers are collaborating to seize the opportunity and manufacture EV-SUVs, but few have been able to successfully penetrate the market. Hitting two birds with one stone requires a level of precision, planning, and perseverance. While many automakers seek to achieve both goals, it is David Michery who, so far, played the cards right and is progressing to become a force to reckon with in the American automobile industry.    

David Michery is a Southern California-based owner of an electric vehicle company called Mullen Technologies. His company is licensed to make and distribute battery electric vehicles (BEVs) inside the US. David re-named and launched the company as Mullen Technologies in 2014 after acquiring it back in 2012. He introduced the company first in Southern California, which is a relatively robust EV region in the US. Besides this endeavor, Mullen Auto Sales is David's another fast-growing series of automobile dealerships operating in the US.

David is eyeing the US electric vehicle market to focus on the SUV segments. He has worked for his dream of launching and competing in the US's electric vehicle segment for years. David is closer than ever before to realizing his dreams. All these years he worked for are finally starting to align and slowly converging at a possible future where David could be leading the American EV market and rivaling the US's major EV corporates.

Before David, many automakers and BEV company owners strategized and successfully captured a greater foothold in the US's local automobile market. One might argue that what makes David stand out from them? For starters, David planned the launch of outclassing electric vehicles in the US back in 2012. All these years, he perfected his plans, partnered with industry-leading giants like Qiantu Motors of China, and announced a merger with Net Element Inc, one of the top-five active stockholder companies in the lithium-ion battery segment. David is all set and ready to compete and beat the existing competition in the US's BEV segment.

Secondly, David is proposing to enter the US industry's EV market segment with core tenants that most companies, if not all, fail to deliver. He is prioritizing to release the Mullen Technologies lineup of cars with higher efficiency, aesthetically unique, and yet practical designs and accessible to every American. David's primary focus is to break the industry-adopted approach of EV cars running 300 miles per charge cycle only. He is gearing up to reach 600 miles target distance from a single battery charge cycle. 

Other emerging EV manufacturers who prepared to establish EV industry presence, including Dyson, Karma and Faraday Future, were forced to delay and revise their commercialization plans. Their product strategies did not target the SUVs and trucks, which are currently in high demand in the US.

However, David came prepared. When he purchased Mullen Motors in 2012 from Arthur Allen, David started paying close attention to the shift in American automobile consumers' trend. In 2019, sport utility vehicles outsold sedans two to one and made up 47.4% of the US sales against 22.1% sedans. Many turned heads when he revealed MX-05, an all-electric SUV to be released in 2021. Moreover, the vehicle will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds only.

If David succeeds in meeting his claims and producing road-ready MX-05, he could potentially shake the American SUV and EV segment inside the US. It is only a matter of time that we will get to see whether David manages to pull off his ambitious plans. 

Published by Frank Adams


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