Tips: 10 First Date Tips for Men

Tips: 10 First Date Tips for Men

Jul 9, 2016, 12:31:05 PM Life and Styles

Going on a first date? Why not check out these tips that will help you rock on your date. 


1. Do a Research

The first thing that you need to do is research. You need to research your date’s likes and interest. The points that you need to know are their hobbies, taste in music, kind of food they like. It is also a plus if you know what things your date don’t like or the things that could make thTem upset that will be your future reference in order to avoid unwanted scenes and mistakes in your date.

2. Plan

After you gather all the information about your date, you could now plan the things you will going to do and the places that you will go. For example, if she loves to read books, you could do library hopping instead of the usual old school date or if she is wild and brave, why not try some extreme activities? Meaning, once you plan a date you should incorporate their interests and likes so they will be more happy to be your date but remember that both of you should enjoy that date even if it’s a simple dinner in a diner.

3. Prepare your Wardrobe

Men are fashionable these days and you should put a style even if it is just a little bit but don’t ever overdressed. Appearance is one of the aspects when you’re being judge because sometimes the look speaks for itself and of course, anyone doesn’t want to be misjudged.  A simple and neat clothing is enough for it.

4. Be a Gentleman

Offer your date a ride and don’t forget to be on-time. Some of the girls are late during their date but who cares? She is preparing herself for you, be early or on time and it will surely give plus point to you. Of course, don’t forget to open the car’s door for them, girls treasures even these small little gestures you made for them.

5. Give Flowers

This maybe old-school but girls want to receive flowers. It give them an impression that you truly prepared for the date and how sweet you can be when it comes to her.

6. Impress your date

You could show of the things that you are great from or the activities you are in. If you are good at singing, drawing and other stuffs that you’re good at but remember too much will totally ruin it making you a boastful shrimp so should weigh it.

7. Pay for Everything

Most of the date were invited by men, it’s like a tradition that men pays for the food and other stuffs because they are the one when invited their date. Voluntarily to pay for all the things you’ll eat and do. If your date insists that she’ll share, politely declined it and say some that it will voluntary that it is in your wallet for this date.

8. Compliment her

Just by saying “You look good on that dress.” And other more compliments will make your date happy. Girls want to be complimented, they actually spent hours preparing their hair, make up and dress, just to look perfect for you.

9. Enjoy

It is important to enjoy your date. Don’t over plan like you’re a robot. Remember that it’s a date, it is for you to know her more and for the both of you to enjoy the moment. Make conversations like it’s just an old friend. Be confident and smile but not too much because it will be creepy and might scare your date.

10. Be Yourself

The most important of all is being yourself. You don’t need to act like you’re someone else or to pretend something you are not. Just be confident and be yourself.

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