Sep 6, 2016, 10:00:00 AM Opinion

"Did you ever feel like a plastic bag, flying through window and wanted to start again?"
I felt it and everyone did.
It lead to me to share my personal stories which is I never want to post it in this site (except my blog).

The thing is, I feel so disappointed with everything right now,
feel so hesitate with every step I take,
and the truth is I just angry to the world, and to my self.

Many thing happened in our life and we living with it.
Every minutes, every seconds, we know that there's always something come a cross within we know.
and what is that?
Just life.

These feel that growing inside every human in this world,
never gotten old and never gone.
It happened and always there.
It just hiding, waiting for someone or some people to call it out.

I feel disappointed when my own friends kept sharing lies and reasons to not doing things like we'd agreed for.
I feel hesitate with my friends when they wanted me to go back to their life.
The truth is, I feel so mad with every reasons they shared to me and I knew it from every social media they had.

It wasn't a FOMO or everything else.
It just a feeling when you got betrayed by them and you just pretending that everything is gonna be ok.
You are not you in that time, between accepted the reality or denied it, you stuck in there.
Shit happens and that is how's life working.

Even a words like "Trust no one" is the big truth of life,
Sometimes we need someone to trust to tell all the hell of us and share it.
It's like playing a lottery and you need to find the right one for you to get the BINGO.
Find someone that actually know you, understand you and make you feel comfortable with everything you both did.
That is more valuable than a BINGO tho.

When you already found it,
That feels (disappointment and hesitation) won't showing up for a long time.
They would hiding or buried deep in your heart.
Just lock it and throw the key away.
With it, you'll find happiness and the BINGO of life.

Published by Yoggi Lim

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