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It's 2016...

A year where we put our hopes and wishes high to the air,
Drag to cloud nine and living perfect.
Drama is not a threat or motivation.
Happiness is a certain thing that people trying to looking for.

Nowdays, peace and good environment is something rare to find.
We've been haunted by a terror and hatred from some people we even don't know.
What is the purpose of hatred?
What is the purpose of terror?


Mostly every little problem comes from bad seed we plant.
Even we also planting the good one either, like Yin and Yang philosophy.
But, people consumed too much bad fruit from it than the good one.
Bad things happened and it is sweet.
Revenge is sweet, but sweeter with power.

What is power?

A condition where one man or a group could control every situation they want.
An agenda of being successful.
A hot seat of greatness.
Or everything.

With power, people could do anything they want.
This thing never get far away from politic.
So do politic, never get far away from war.

A good thinker or politician is a person who would motivate their people to stand together, hand in hand, building a peaceful environment and living without fear.
But, it just get worse with their own agenda behind the politic.

I write this thing,
inspired by many incident and mostly by Omran Dagneesh's viral picture.

Yes, many people see it and feel sorry and confused and emotional.
Like the CNN anchore who's just hold back and teared up,
or giving opinion by tweeting, posting or donating.

He just a little 5 year old boy who know's nothing about politic.
He know nothing about war.
He know nothing about terror.
One thing he knew was a normal day in his own house, playing with his parents or siblings, watching tv, learning alphabets, playing with toys or even laughing with his friends.

Everything has changed with dust, blood, and the ruined building.
He woke up, open his eyes, see his own house and his friends disappear.
Politics has changed him.
Believe it or not, he grew up in that poor condition even it isn't his fault.
He just appear in a wrong time and wrong place.

Not just Omran,
A suicide bomb in Turkey was tragic.
Even in a happy day like wedding day, death never stop following.
Mostly hatred and politics won't stop and never stop.

The heartbroken one was the suicide bomber are teenager.
14-16 year old teenager.

What is happening to this world?

Politics used children,
Politics killed children,
And we are just blind, see nothing happened in politics.
We just opened when it consumed and hitted us with more tragedy.

It's like a cycle of war.
We have our own war inside us.
It never stop and won't stop, except we embrace all the goods and transfer it into a good act.

We can't erase politic and war,
but at least, we can stop the tragedy by saving innocent people from it.


Just spread love and keep doing good.

NB: I wish, Omran's tragedy would adapted to a movie screen, and people will see how's this world became so scared.

Published by Yoggi Lim

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