The Worth of Loyalty

The Worth of Loyalty

We have all watched television drama shows, movies, or seen plays that have to do with the loyalty between friends or loved ones. This display of emotion and logical thinking plays a large part in everyday life for us. The human mind, more often than not, requires companionship to make sure that we do not slip into a state of depression. Having someone special, whether it be a friend or a lover, is something that all of us would love to have at some point. A huge part of having someone like this in our lives is to make sure that we are as loyal as we can be to them. One question that may appear to many people is what is loyalty? The answer to that is quite simple: Loyalty is the ability to be truthful and always willing to be there when that specific person needs you and will never stray away from their side regardless of what may happen.

 Being known as someone who is loyal is very important in this world because the concept of loyalty has fallen over the years. Many of us believe ourselves to be loyal, but what happens the moment a disagreement rises up or a fight breaks out? Do we stick it through until the end or just cut and run because it was the easier thing to do? The problem with the human mind is that it will always try to choose the easier path out of fear that harm may come to us which is natural and how we are designed as human beings. Loyalty is almost like a mechanism that overrides that cut and run tactic so that you will remain by the side of whom your most loyal to even if your own well being is threatened. This specific action is seen very commonly in a dog. Man's best friend is no simple title and this is largely because a canine will remain by their master's side from morning until night making sure that nothing ever happens to them. They would rather give their lives most of the time than see harm come to those they care for.

 Some events that show a huge amount of loyalty, like shielding someone from a bullet or pushing them out of the way of a moving car, may not happen as often as you believe but simple signs of loyalty like having their back when others are trying to put them down is proof enough that you care. Those who have someone they are truly loyal to should never take this for granted because it is an honor for them to have someone like you around that they can rely on. The problem comes when others try to violate that loyalty and it is up to you whether to keep on fighting for the one you stayed with for all that time or to move on and break that bond. One thing to remember in this world is that the only opinion that should have any weight is your own and as long as your walking the path of your life that is all you will ever need. Take advice and learn from it that others may give, but let the final decision be yours.

Published by Yukine Alterma

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