Top 5 Fun Loving Activities To Celebrate Diwali In 2021

Top 5 Fun Loving Activities To Celebrate Diwali In 2021

Oct 20, 2021, 4:01:36 AM Business

Here come the most beautiful and colorful celebrations across the world, Diwali. Diwali is a popular festival that elevates lights which is a real feast for the eyes. You can spend some wonderful time with your people by gathering with your special ones, can share gifts, tasty meals, to have fun, and to make eating memories.


Thinking to throw a celebration all by yourself, or thinking how to celebrate this Diwali 2021 in a most fun way. Then these Diwali party ideas will help you from picking gifts, themes, and games. Let's give the right to the article.



What is Diwali?


 Diwali is an important festival in India by presenting the victory over evil and is associated with the Maa Lakshmi. On this auspicious day, candles, lamps, and diyas are lit all around the house, which ‘lights' the darkness. Diwali serves as the cleansing ritual that even resembles letting go of past worries and motivates people to step in the light. Families and friends come tighter to decorate homes with diyas. This colorful festival is loved mostly by kids.


In 2021, Deepavali was celebrated on 4th November. Let's plan out some fun ideas to celebrate this Diwali more fun than ever.



1. Gift people


Gifting isn't a mandatory process at every celebration, but still, people do it as it creates some warm relations with your loved ones. Who doesn't love gifts? So, let's make it a good family activity. Don't we? Have you heard about the secret Santa game that is played during Christmas, who fun it is? Why don't we follow the Christmas tradition for Diwali? Like Secret Santa, let's make your people connected and brsmilesmile ok your people's faces.


Just assign some random names to your unique team then ask them to buy and send the secret gifts to one other. Or just write your team names on different papers, fold them and let people pick one without seeing it.


What can you do? Whatever your people love, in case of kids toys always impress. Appliances, gadgets loved by men, personalization can attract older ones but everyone loves sweets, chocolates, and desserts. What can be better than gifting fluffy desserts as cake? Order a cake at YummyCake by exploring several options and deliver it straight to your loved one's home wherever they are. Yummycake also offers a cake combo that includes flowers, chocolates with a cake with free delivery services. What's better than gifting a cake and gorgeous flowers on special days, isn't that a lovely idea.


2. Get Sweets


What is a festival without eyeing at sweet? From fighting over laddoos to the temptation of having more every celebration made us a form of sweets. So, cook or order some mouth-watering desserts if cooking isn't your forte. From traditional sweets to trendy classy ones there are several possibilities and the varieties of sweets are endless. So, "Kuch meeta ho Jaye".



3. Celebrate together


 Family comes first remained just a quote these days. But, covid-19 made it tough to meet your loved ones. Spending celebrating Diwali with family strengthens bonds. And that pampering you get from family or friends is unbelievable. If you are staying away from your people, still you can meet them through video conference apps. Surprising them can be the best gift by visiting them is the best idea, but plan it by keeping Covid-19 in mind. You can never be limited by geography, play online games to make it more fun.


4. A themed Diwali party


Themed Diwali parties are always great especially you are celebrating with your loved ones around. Planning a Diwali party is always a great idea. Come up with themes, here are the theme ideas to choose from if you like the idea of a themed party. 


●    Movie-themed party: Plan a Bollywood-themed day where guests can ask to dress as their desired characters from the movies. It's not just about the clothes, you can also think about adding key elements that are easily modified to your theme.


●    Garden Party - Ahh, what a peaceful night it's going to be. If you have a wide balcony or a good lawn then nothing can stop you from having a good garden party. Bring down your festivities in the royal style. Play some groovy or soft music as you like and lit those fairy lights. Decorate around by using diyas, colorful accessories, diyas.


●    Craft themed party - Go for a DIY-themed party if you are planning a Diwali party mainly for kids. These themed parties into rn a good party theme for them. With Diya making, wall hangings, kits to make fun things on Diwali is always the best thing to channel our creative pursuits to this day.



5. Plan games and fun activities


Games and fun activities are mandatory during Diwali. Teen Patti is a card game that should be part of Diwali celebrations. Along with it, tombola, Musical chairs, board games, are quite favorites for everyone. Let's dance out the party by playing some nice songs. Remember to prepare the playlist before. Plan craft activities for the kids. There are several online multiplayer games to play with your friends when they are away from you.




With these tips, you are going to have the most fantastic Diwali celebration ever. Happy Deepavali. 

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