Different Methods of Drain Cleaning and Benefits

Keeping your drains cleaned is not only important for the atmosphere at home but also is healthy for the total family. The drains are connected to the plumbing system and neglecting blocked drains can cause damage to this plumbing system. This leads to more expenses and additional effort. This can also be very time consuming. In short, giving the drainage system of a home equal importance as the other systems can work out beneficial in many ways.

Drains which are blocked are a nuisance to not only the family but also those living close by. Some of the benefits of drain cleaning services are as follows.

Limiting of Smells:

Regular cleaning of drains eliminates the odor of the sewers. This smell is unbearable and tends to stagnate for a long time. Professional drain cleaner services can help in eliminating the problem of a bad odor.

Cleanliness of the Home:

Clean drains are a positive sign for all the homes. The atmosphere is healthier and you can breathe in the fresh air. This might not be possible with blocked drains. You get more prone to illnesses and different diseases.

Different Methods Used for Drain Cleaning

Hydro Jetting:

Hydro jetting has gained popularity over a period due to its effectiveness. The hydro jet used in this technique makes use of a stream of water at a high pressure to blast off the waste from a pipe. This method tends to blast off all the waste from the pipe besides the waste which is obstructing the pipe. Future clogs can be taken care of with this method.

Snake Drain Cleaning:

A drain snake is a tool which is1/4 of an inch in thickness and is flexible and long. This tends to unclog the drainage lines easily. One end of this has a corkscrew and the other end has a hand crank. The end which is flexible is positioned inside the drain with the hand crank being used to elongate the cable till it reaches to the end of the drain. The clog is then disintegrated by the drilling of the corkscrew. This type of cleaning drains is effective for clearing plant intrusions also.

Air Burst Drain Cleaning:

With this method of drain cleaner accelerated gas gets used. The force of this gas tends to disintegrate and dislodge the clog. This method is effective for blocks which are at the far end of the drain.

Chemical Drain Cleaning:

Liquid or solid forms of alkaline or acids are used in this method of drain cleaner. The chosen chemical is poured down the drain which is clogged, dislodging the same. Using chemicals, you need to make sure that this does not cause any damage to the pipes. Even the person handling this needs to be cautious.

Reasons for Opting for Professionals:

Cleaning of drains is best handled by qualified professionals. They have the required knowledge and experience to handle the job. The experience of these professionals ensures that they use the technique which is suitable to the blockage of a drain. 

  • As professionals have the right equipment for cleaning, you get assured that there is no damage caused to the pipes.
  • To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to know the exact cause. This can only be handled by professionals.
  • The plumbing system in each home is different. That means, there are different pipes used. Professionals have the apt equipment and tools to manage these pipes.

Finding professionals for drain cleaning can get easy if you decide to conduct an online search. You can compare the services and the charges before making a choice. This ensures that you are offered quality services at affordable prices. 

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