Five Most Ignored Points When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

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Five Most Ignored Points When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Mar 15, 2019, 6:43:21 PM Life and Styles

Coping with our busy schedules we are all too lazy to put in much effort with works related to home improvement. Nobody likes spending numerous weekends with workers toiling away in the midst of their home interiors, with no privacy or peace. But in the rush to get things done before the next long weekend or holiday season, we often tend to overlook factors that are screaming for attention. Which is why, to keep your guard up on changing kitchen cabinets, we’ve put together few points which you absolutely must visit before making a hasty buy.

Go prepared:

We figured out that most retail buyers step into a kitchen showroom with the idea of making a quick buy based on aesthetics, modernity and visual appeal without any preparation. Here are some of the information you must keep handy to facilitate a constructive buying discussion:

  • Size of your appliances
  • Any electrical cords or vents to be factored for behind cabinets
  • What lighting, if at all, do you need atop your kitchen cabinets
  • Do you want simple wooden shutters, frosted glass shutters or see-through shutters?
  • What are the precise measurements of you sink?
  • Do you want stock cabinets, semi-custom or custom kitchen cabinets?

Know Your Wood:

Kitchen cabinets come with in various wood options that can all together change the look of your cosy kitchen. Lighter shades of wood such as oak and maple give the illusion of more space, while deeper shades of wood like mahogany result in a more vintage, Victorian look. Most manufacturers or retail stores for kitchen cabinet would offer to visit your existing kitchen to explore what suits best and give valuable suggestions regarding the type of wood suitable for your kitchen. We advise you to grab the opportunity and have the expert’s view.

Check the Plumbing Works:

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is the best time to visit the plumbing situation in your kitchen to check if any of the old pipes, ducts or vents need replacing. An exercise that otherwise may not be feasible to do, checking your plumbing network is best possible after you’ve dismantled your existing kitchen cabinets, and all set to install a new one. We strongly urge you not to skip the plumbing check. We know of buyers who have reported leaks within a year or two of setting up an all new kitchen, all thanks to an old plumbing mechanism that didn’t quite complement their new kitchen.

Explore Your Options:

Change is good. But do not rush into a new kitchen set up that apes your old one but is only new in materials and design. For all you know, your space can be optimised greatly by replacing your old vertical dividers with pull-out bins. You may need to do away with a large space for wine glasses and make room for a big food processor you just bought. Hence, invite a décor consultant from your kitchen showroom over who can guide you on what is the latest in the market to optimise and store what you have in your kitchen.

Maintain Consistency:

In the rush for choosing the most stylish kitchen cabinets out there, do spare a thought for how well it blends with the rest of your home. The last thing you want is a boho-chic living that spills into a poorly matched Victorian style kitchen. Keep the central theme of your home and your personal sense of design alive in your kitchen, and don’t blindly go for the trendiest kitchen of the season.

Installing proper kitchen cabinets will enhance the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. Due to a large variety of kitchen cabinets available in the market, selecting the right one may seem intimidating, for which these guidelines will surely be of great help.

Visit your favourite kitchen designer today, with a mindful of ideas and information and give your kitchen the much-needed makeover!

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