How Images Could Be Your Secret SEO Weapon

How Images Could Be Your Secret SEO Weapon

Jan 4, 2019, 5:59:37 PM Tech and Science

If you are interested in improving the traffic to your website through effective SEO strategies, then we suggest that you look at the use of images in your website to attract more people. Most experts believe that images play an important role in helping a person make his mind whether or not to buy our product. For this reason alone, search engine optimization services have put a great premium on the use of images in designing websites as well as digital marketing. In this article, we have tried to illustrate why images play such an important role in digital marketing and why you should use it effectively for brand promotion.

1). The first point which illustrates the importance of images in improving the brand recognition of a company is it helps to humanize a product or services. Here the term humanize means that you are able to put a face to the product or services so that your customer can easily identify with it and buy it is a solution to his needs. If you are in a service sector, then an image will help a great deal in breaking the impersonal barrier of a corporate façade that otherwise comes between a corporate entity and the clients.

2). Most of the time people who are on the Internet looking for some product or services are doing window shopping in a virtual world. People like to see new things, learn more about the specifications and how they work and also compare different products to find out which one of them will give them the best possible satisfaction. To do this they must have an image in front of them so that they can look at it to decide whether that product is right for them or not. This is one of the reasons why you should always put a well-labeled image of your product or services on your website.

3). Images are a great medium to transmit information regarding any product of the company. Most people who browse the Internet for some product or services do not have the patience to go through a huge text to learn about the various specifications of any product. They need an easy to understand the method that will help them in a very informative and interesting way, what they will get when they buy that particular product. In this, images play an important role. That is why search engine optimization services give huge weight age to properly labeled images in a website.

4). When you are using images to attract more people to your website make sure that you use the relevant image, which is attractive and of the right resolution. The reason being if you choose an image which has very low resolution, then it will appear faded out in a high-resolution smartphone screen which will have a negative impact on your conversion rate. However, make sure not to use too many high-resolution images on your website because it could make it resource have a thereby increase the time of opening your website which will impact the user experience severely.

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