Kitchen Blinds- Choose with Care

Kitchen Blinds- Choose with Care

Feb 12, 2018, 2:41:48 PM Life and Styles

We spend our lives to make a perfect home, a place where we spend most of our time and relax. In the home, the kitchen is the most important.  We spend a lot of time in making food, eating or many a time just thinking what we are going to have for our next meal. While cooking it is necessary to have the right environment and kitchen blinds do this for us.

Why We Need Kitchen Blinds?

A kitchen is a place where one needs a change in lighting and air at different times, like in morning one needs good air and sunlight to kick-start the day. While in daytime light is less needed and shades are good to relax. During night time, you want to keep privacy and minimum air flow. For this, one cannot bring three different types of curtains or one for all which will not full-fill all purposes.

Kitchen blinds help keep your home cool by controlling the amount of natural light. Other than this it is practically very hard to clean the curtains every other day. But in case of kitchen blinds, you don’t need to regularly clean them as they are low maintenance.

Types of Kitchen Blinds

There are different kinds of kitchen blinds for the different type of customers and their needs. Like if there is a lot of cooking the one spends maximum time in the kitchen. Therefore, the blinds must allow maximum airflow and at the same time assure privacy.  Thus, here are some common types of blinds that match all kitchen requirements:

  • Wooden Blinds: Wood is highly combustible and therefore is not suitable for higher temperature areas. So, they are used in areas where the temperature is not high. These blinds are popular because they are easy to clean and long-lasting.
  • Window Roller Blinds: This is an ideal solution for light management. By rolling them up and down, one can adjust the light as well as the air. They are easy to replace because they are inexpensive. The disadvantages being they are not as durable as wooden blinds are. In addition, stains are not easy to remove from these blinds.
  • Vertical Blinds: This is one of the most popular options for blinds as they are easy to clean, give great access to the outside and provide ventilation. These are also waterproof. In addition, they are really stylish and give a great look to the kitchen.
  • Glass Blinds: These blinds are used by those homeowners who want to maintain the privacy and see the outside stuff at the same time. They are easy to clean and can be changed from transparent to black depending on needs. But they do not give much of ventilation to the kitchen.


Buying is easy, maintenance is hard. So, it is necessary to keep in mind whether the kitchen blinds you are purchasing are easy to maintain or not. If they look stylish, give good light and air but maintaining them is hard when they are not worth buying and will give a headache when they will get dirty after a while.

Cleaning a kitchen blind with dirt, stains can be done by a wet wipe or vacuum to remove dust. Good kitchen blinds do not give a pain when it comes to cleaning.


One invests a lot of time and money in making home and especially the kitchen. Thus, one needs to do good research while buying kitchen blinds and choose on that fits their needs and requirement. It is preferred to look for online options while selecting as online market has a wide range of products and it is easy to understand how it will look in your kitchen.

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