Tips to Get the Best Quality Oak Flooring

Tips to Get the Best Quality Oak Flooring

Jun 4, 2018, 5:06:28 PM Life and Styles


When you are ready to renovate or design your house, then you might come across various kinds of flooring options. They might seem confusing in the beginning but once you narrow down your choice according to your budget then you might be left with few options. And one of the best flooring options, out of them all is oak flooring.

But when it comes to oak flooring then there are a number of factors to be taken care of. Oak flooring comes in huge variety and thus you need to choose which one is perfect for your house. This is not only a quality oak flooring option but also fit your budget and it is low maintenance, thus perfect for your house requirements.


Before you jump on and finalize the idea of oak flooring you must investigate following top 10 tips to get the best quality oak flooring –

  1. Where to buy from? - This is the first and most important step. You must decide a place from where you will source your oak flooring. You can get a variety of oak flooring options online as well as at a regular store near you. You might have some apprehensions buying online but it will save you a great deal of money. Go for the quality online supplier to get the best out of your deal.
  2. Which Grade of Oak? - This is another important factor in quality oak flooring. Oak comes in four different grades. And to decide the best oak, you need to investigate the colour, knots, sap and likewise.  Obviously, the finest grade will be expensive. So, decide as per your budget.
  3. Solid Vs Engineered Oak Flooring? - This is another variant of oak flooring. Here you need to ask yourself whether your room where you are planning to install oak flooring will undergo temperature fluctuations or it will be under artificial temperature control. If the answer to both of your question is yes, then you need to go for engineered oak flooring.
  4. Thickness of the Board? - This is the technical part when selecting quality oak flooring which will determine the durability of your floor. Generally, you should go with the thicker ones as it has more sand to the floor and thus will last really long. If your room has floor heating, then you must go for a minimum of 14mm thickness. But if it does not have floor heating then any thickness would suffice the purpose.
  5. Finish of the Oak Flooring? - If you are expecting too many people hit the room every day then you must select lacquered finish oak flooring else natural looking oiled and brushed finish is perfect for a regular room.
  6. Width of oak Board? - This is a subject of debate. But as for now, smaller rooms should have wider boards and spacious rooms can have narrow boards.
  7. Guarantee or Warranty? - This is a very important point in quality oak flooring and this is what will save you from future threats. Thus, when you select oak flooring make sure that you definitely ask for guarantee and warranty and keep proper documentation with you.
  8. Free Sample? - You are going to invest a huge amount of money for the oak flooring, thus don’t hesitate to ask for free samples. This will help you in making a correct decision. Also, don’t make any decision in hurry. Think about it, take time and then decide.
  9. Source of Oak Flooring? - It is important to buy your oak from a responsible source. Check for accreditations and other additional details. This will give you a correct idea about the source.
  10. Safety? - Ask your supplier about the safety measures and maintenance tips which you need to take if anything goes wrong with your oak flooring.

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