10 Best Accounting Apps for Your Business Transactions

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10 Best Accounting Apps for Your Business Transactions

Dec 5, 2018, 7:20:04 PM Business

Whether you finished an accounting degree or business degree or not, your business still needs to have accurate books most of the time. It is essential that you get the right tools to help you do the job well.

Luckily, there are business accounting apps that you can lean on to assess you in dealing with your bookkeeping job. These apps don’t require you to be a computer programmer and a mathematician to operate them. All you need is a dedication and willingness to learn.

Here is a list of these apps for your business transactions.


FreshBooks is an app designed to help run your business despite your busy life. You can work anywhere you are with the use of this app while managing your business accounting better.

FreshBooks is an easy-to-use invoicing, time tracking, and expense management app that is perfect for all your accounting needs. Thus, this app for your iPhone and Android phones could be your business’ one tap to success.

Also, this app features an easy-to-understand dashboard and exceptional visualization which makes it easy for you to understand and operate. FreshBooks helps you to create invoices, set up payment through credit cards, and a one-click sending of emails.


Xero is an online accounting app that is essential to help you manage your business accounts efficiently. This app allows you to control your financial transactions well by importing them into the app’s database and put them to their corresponding accounting transactions.

This Xero app is applicable in your mobile devices and on the Web as well. Using the app, you can now reconcile new transactions, add receipts and view bills, and create and send invoices and quotes on your device.

Xero app provides you with a smooth-running dashboard that will help you get a complete and easy way to do those business transactions. Also, you can now boost the functionality of this app because it offers an add-on marketplace.


FreeAgent is one of the best accounting apps that is a cloud-based accounting solution for accountants, freelancers, and business owners to help manage their invoices, payroll, expenses, tax returns, and other business and accounting tasks.

FreeAgent, an app that you can use on your iPhone and Android phones provides superb user support on your demand while backing up all your data regularly to ensure that they’re secure.

Conveniently, this app offers you a tracking element that could record all your working time which then helps you provide a complete and accurate billing to your clients.

Sage One

Sage One is an accounting app that is helpful in dealing with your business accounting especially if you have less idea with it. Thus, this app is vital for the synchronization and accuracy of these business transactions.

This app is perfect for your android devices to help keep on track with your sales, purchases, cash movements, and your customers as well. You can now do the job wherever you may be through logging on and view customer info and their invoices.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is an app that is helpful for you to handle billing, accounting, and invoicing all at the same time. This accounting app offers you one of the more simple accounting interfaces for your business transactions.

This app’s colourful and user-friendly interface offers you a lot of excellent features such as time tracking, invoicing, reporting, inventory, accounts payable, sales, contacts, and so as the tax.

Thus, you can also download the details from your financial transactions automatically because of the online banking integration that this app provides. As a result, you can now easily track your company’s incoming and outgoing finances.


Nutcache is an app that offers you one of the most powerful and fascinating features in the market today. Its brilliant features support for multiple languages that allow you to communicate clients globally. You can also create unlimited invoices, and time tracking features that are essential for your accounting needs.

This app allows you to add a logo on your invoices and send them to your clients. Aside from that, Nutcache also has features to help you with your reporting, online payments, and your expenses.


KashFlow is another one of those accounting apps that is extremely powerful in dealing with your business transactions, and the leading solution for your online accounting software.

This app’s primary goal is to remove the stress brought to you by bookkeeping and accounting so that you can now focus on other business operations. KashFlow is helpful especially for non-accountants because it is an easy-to-use accounting app that is best for keeping up with their business accounts.

As a cloud-based app, KashFlow can help you to take control of your accounting wherever you are. Thus, by using this app, you can now produce invoices, generate quotes, balance their books, and monitor their expenses from time to time.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is the online accounting app that allows you to monitor your financial position every time and helps you track your cash and manage it from going in and out of your business.

Also, you can consider Zoho Books as the most significant alternative Google App for your business because it helps you to keep your business accounting simple. Thus, you can now assure convenience from your invoicing up to tax reporting transactions by using this app.

Zoho Books also allows you to send printed and online invoices to your clients and get paid faster with its integrated payment online option. Thus, the app also tracks your purchases and bills, expenses, and services.


Wave is an accounting app made perfectly for your small business. This web-based integrated accounting solution helps you support your bookkeeping tools to avoid complications.

This app allows you to create and send voices and track them together with the payments to keep up with your accounts. Wave also offers effective reporting, and its dashboard allows you to manage correct business decisions and financial savings as well.

FinancialForce Accounting

FinancialForce Accounting is an app that is made ideally for your SalesForce integration for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

This app is a unique tool that will help you capture more of sales, services, and marketing while helping you work out with your customer interactions.

The use of FinancialForce Accounting app is essential in your company, especially with your tight CRM integration. However, you can ask for help from Compass Accounting or other business entities to get further insights regarding your accounting transactions.


Indeed, keeping your business transactions and books accurate is essential for your business to succeed. However, by using business accounting apps for your accounting needs would provide you convenience in managing them whenever and wherever you are

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