7 Different Phases of Life After Marriage

7 Different Phases of Life After Marriage

Jan 29, 2019, 2:49:57 PM Life and Styles

Marriage is a legal union of a man and a woman. It’s a ceremony that binds them to be husband and wife as required by law.

It’s a dream of everyone to get settled at the right time. Many people spend enough time to education for them to learn about life, and then establish a career in a chosen field as preparation for married life. However, some people get married early because they believe that they will learn things in life when they actually experience them.

Whatever reason for getting married, people experience the same stages of married life. Here are the different phases that a couple encounters after they took a vow at the altar.

The Honeymoon

The honeymoon stage is the sweetest stage in married life. As what its name means, it’s as sweet as honey. Right after the wedding, the couple takes a vacation to spend time together. They go to a particular place of their choice to celebrate their marriage. However, the honeymoon varies depending on the cultural or religious orientation of the couple.

When the Wife Gets Pregnant

After the sweetest period of a honeymoon, the next thing a couple longs for is a baby. When a wife gets pregnant, it’s another phase of married life that a couple encounters.

They become so excited about their first baby. Seeing a doctor regularly, buying stuff in advance for the baby, and preparing food what the wife wants are the typical scenarios at home during pregnancy of the first offspring in the family.

When the First Baby was Born

It’ll be the happiest moment for the couple to see their baby for the first time. It transforms them from being husband and wife to daddy and mommy. Their life significantly changes after the birth of their child.

Couples become more responsible and hardworking. They don’t live for their own lives alone, but they also live for their child.

When Children Go to School  

After a few years of marriage, the couple sends their kids to school for the first time. It's the stage when their expenses rise. They work harder to meet their daily needs and to save money for the future of their children.

It's a phase of married life when the couple develops a sense of responsibility. Instead of spending money to buy a new pair of shoes, bags, make-up, and the like, the couple chooses the most important things that they need especially for their kids.

When the Children Reach Adolescence Stage  

There’s a time when the couple reaches a stage of married life that they encounter problems raising their children. When children reach adolescence stage, they tend to ask more questions and do a lot of experiments. Adolescents love to discover life as well as to explore their capacity of doing different things.

The couple usually struggles to resolve these issues because it’ll be hard for them to understand how their children think. It has been a challenge for them to face. It’s a stage of married life when the couple molds their children according to what they believe is right.

If the couple failed to do their duties as parents and guardians, their children might choose the wrong path and worse, they might live in misery. It’s the thing that all parents don’t want to happen to their children.

When Children Get Married

Another stage of married life is when the couple attends the wedding of their children. The parents raised their children well by giving them a comfortable life and sending them to a reputable school to have a good quality of education. The couple spent time shaping their children to be good husbands or wives as well as good parents in the future.

It’s a phase when the couple replicates themselves as parents to their children. In return, the children also mirror their parents when they get married someday.

When the Grandchildren were Born

The couple reaches old age after a few decades of marriage. A lot of things already happened in this time. Also, they can now enjoy the fruits of their labor they toiled for years. One thing that gives the couple happiness is when they watch their grandchildren play and laugh together at home.

Happiness is priceless for them. However, one thing that the couple encounters in this stage is the challenge of health. The couple might have illnesses due to age, but the most common health problem that old people usually experience is visual impairment.

It’ll be their struggles to recognize faces of their children as well as their grandchildren because of their poor vision. Couples who suffer vision loss may ask one of their family members to visit https://eyesinthevillage.ca/ and other reliable sites to find more information and ask for further assistance.


People may experience different stages of married life. The things discussed above are the typical phases that a couple encounters during the time they live under the same roof. Others may have experienced a different sequence of stages depending on the hierarchy of importance as well as how much importance they put on a particular stage of married life.

Always remember that getting married means living with your spouse for the rest of your life, in sickness or good health, sorrow or happiness, and scarcity or abundance.

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