Add Elegance IN Your Looks with Burgundy

Add Elegance IN Your Looks with Burgundy

Feb 1, 2019, 9:23:19 PM Life and Styles

There are colours that not just bring a charm in your life but in your hair too. Have you ever thought of trying a shade in your hair that complement your hair and make you look gorgeous? The way burgundy wine can elevate your soul, don’t you feel burgundy hair color can also create the same imprint in your hair? Well, yes, it can definitely do that if you try it for once.

What is burgundy all about?

Talking about Burgundy, it is a reddish brown colour that is linked with the color of the wine that emerges from the Burgundy region of France. In wider terms, and certainly when talking about hair color, the notion of burgundy covers a huge range of stunning and elegant shades like:

  • Cabernet: deep and somewhat redder than burgundy

  • Merlot: slightly lighter and somewhat redder than burgundy

  • Cranberry: mildly pinker than burgundy

  • Cordovan: a little browner than burgundy

  • Claret: reddish with a dim touch of brown

  • Maroon: red chestnut-y

What could be the apt shade of burgundy for your hair?

With a huge variety of pretty shades of burgundy to pick from, it is possible to find one that is ideal for your skin complexion. As a rule of thumb, cooler burgundy shades that possess lots of violet and red look finest on people having pink, ebony or olive skin tones. Warmer burgundy colours that encompass more brown tones are gorgeous on complexions that are velvety or golden. In general sense, burgundy hair shade can be attuned to compliment nearly every complexion.

Get it done in the best way

Burgundies can be really tricky shades to attain, so it is best not to try these at home. Your hair is going to have to be properly prepared, and the shade is going to have to be prudently applied, to fetch an even, bright result. What is more, formulation is crucial to achieve the perfect shade for your complexion.  Of course, you can talk to a professional who can help you in getting the essence of burgundy elegance. A hair color professional could mix several different shades to get to your aimed hue, and they might also apply diverse shades in varied sections of your hair likethe roots, near the ends and so on so as to create that modern and chic look.

Well, as there are plentyof hair color options in the burgundy range, it is vital to show your hair stylist pictures of the burgundy hair color you have in mind. It is going to be your starting point, and from there you can easily decide together in case the finished product has to be a bit more red orviolet or brown.   You can ask all the questions you have in mind and the professionals can help you with them.


So, whether you choose light or dark burgundy hair colour, it is going to get you an elegant look.  You can feel the sophistication of burgundy shade once you wear it!

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