Common sexual problems

Common sexual problems

Jan 17, 2019, 2:58:07 PM Life and Styles

Before talking about sexual problems, we need to know who is a sexologist. A sexologist is a person who can be a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist. He can also be a doctor or an urologist who is a specialist in the field of sexology, its treatment and medicine.

Most of the sexual problems have psychological component as its cause as described by the sexologist in Navi Mumbai. Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual desire, and these problems are caused due to distress in personal or family life. These problems are curable with proper counseling, psychotherapy and medications also.

But sadly, when someone suffers from any sexual problem, they tend to keep away from visiting or consulting a sexologist mainly due to guilt, shame or fear. At this time, they take the help of may be roadside remedy, which can have a bad side effect later on.

Here are common sexual problems:

  1. Premature ejaculation: this occurs when a man ejaculates quite early during sexual intercourse. It is a common sexual problem. 1 out of 3 men can experience this problem at some point. If it occurs infrequently, then it is not a cause of concern. You should consult a doctor if you ejaculate within a minute of penetration or unable to delay ejaculation during intercourse. Both psychological and biological factors are responsible for premature ejaculation. This is a common and treatable problem and no one should feel embarrassed to talk about it.

  2. Erectile dysfunction: this occurs when a man fails to keep an erection firm during a sexual intercourse. Having erection trouble frequently shouldn’t be a cause for concern. But if it is an on-going problem, it may cause relationship problems or even affect one’s self-esteem. Consult a doctor and go for an evaluation since it can be a sign medical condition that needs proper treatment.

Hypo active sexual desire disorder: when a woman suffers from distress due to problems related to sexual desire, arousal, orgasm or pain it is known a female sexual dysfunction. Hypo active sexual desire disorder is a common problem among women and it refers to low sexual disorder. Absence of sexual fantasies or low desire for sexual activity causes this problem. It also causes significant personal distress or even interpersonal difficulty. Women suffering from this problem have reported that it affects their quality of life, physical or emotional condition as well as overall happiness.

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