Dealing With Alcoholism: The 5 Best Apps to Help Control and Stop Alcohol Addiction

Dealing With Alcoholism: The 5 Best Apps to Help Control and Stop Alcohol Addiction

Jan 24, 2019, 4:23:15 PM Tech and Science

Drinking liquor with friends might be fun. However, too much and frequent intake of alcohol is beyond the boundaries of having a good time and may lead to alcohol addiction. It is a serious disorder that can affect people in different ways. Before it will damage your whole system, invest your time and effort to control and stop alcohol addiction.

Staying sober requires a great amount of strength, psychological treatment, and support along the way. Fortunately, with the help of today’s technology, you can manage and control your alcohol dependence. All thanks to the revolutionary mobile apps.

Through these apps, you can now keep track of your alcohol intake with ease. With that mentioned, here are five apps that can help you fight alcoholism.

The Nomo App

The Nomo is a mobile app that can help you keep on track and motivated during your alcohol recovery. This app breaks down the time you are sober. Nomo can show you your sobriety time and can track how long it’s been since your last alcohol intake. Every time you reach a recovery achievement, you can earn a chip to celebrate every milestone that can keep you motivated.

You can track time and money you have saved on the app as well as your recovery milestone and chips on social media. Nomo has exercises that will distract you and help your mind refocus during alcohol cravings. Also, your sobriety clock can be shared with your partner to check in and see how long have you been avoiding alcohol.

The 12 Steps AA Companion App

The 12 Steps AA Companion mobile app provides the Big Book of AA, and it includes more than sixty stories. Each step of this app represents recovery and healing process. The app also contains morning and night prayers, hope and strength, promises on experience, notes and the ability to highlight and share a phrase.

The app has a daily checklist program with six things that if done will increase your chance of staying sober. Every time you open this app, the dashboards will clearly show the time you have been dry. You can calculate not only your sobriety time but also for your friends.

The Sober Grid App

The Sober Grid is a mobile app designed to link those who want to recover from alcoholism with other people who focused on sobriety. You can join the app to receive support or give support to other members. This app provides an opportunity to stay sober while helping others to do the same.

Users of the Sober Grid can also find new friends everywhere because the network connects people locally or from any part of the world. You can reach out to Sober Grid’s virtual community support if you want to talk to someone by clicking the Burning Desire Button.

Further, the Sober Grid newsfeed will let you share your experiences, thoughts, ideas,  triumphs, and struggles related to sobriety and addiction recovery. Search for helpful ways on how to deal with alcohol addiction in some sites like and other pages that talks about alcoholism then share your research to Sober Grid newsfeed to give an idea to other members.

The Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson App

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson is an app that will motivate you to stop drinking alcohol beverage with the help of Andrew Johnson, an English hypnotist, and stress-management coach. Johnson has been helping people to cope up with stress and overcome bad habits for almost two decades.

This app is a relaxing and motivational app that helps beat emotional and physical cravings for alcohol. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson aims to help you break unwanted habits, change your thinking, and regain control of your money, thoughts, well-being, and health.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson uses relaxation, hypnotherapy, relaxation and positive suggestion allowing you to make accomplishments and positive decisions.

The Sobriety Counter App

The Sobriety counter is full of bold icons and vibrant colors that will make your journey against alcoholism more fun. The dashboard of the app will show you how much you save by not drinking.  If you are craving for alcohol, you can play the memory game on this app. This game is scientifically proven to beat your urge to drink alcohol and stay sober.


It is not easy to deal with addiction. You need to have a strong determination and motivation to fight alcoholism. Through the help of technology, you can now download an app that can help you stay sober and fight your craving to drink alcohol.

Always remember, the fight against alcohol addiction isn’t easy. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are tons of apps such as those mentioned above that can help you fight the urge. Also, with the help of family and friends, you’re just a few steps away from being sober.


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