Different Types of Rugs according to Theme of a Room

Different Types of Rugs according to Theme of a Room

Interior decoration and architecture are two different things. When we want to build a new home then we take advice from an architect but when we want to decorate a home then we can follow professional home decoration tips. A handmade carpet plays same role as the design of a building. A handmade carpet personalizes a room and adds a personal touch. It can convert a dull room into a magnificent room and a house into a home. Some people think that handmade carpet is only useful in winters so why spend much money for a single carpet but this is not true. This is very important thing for winter and summer as well. One must remember that a carpet doesn’t emit or generate heat. A handmade carpet protects your soft feet from cold surface in winter and hot surface in summer. This is also useful in rainy season. So in short term, you can use a handmade carpet in every season and 365 days a year.

Everything looks good if it used in the right way. For example, suppose the theme of a room is red and you place a Yellow carpet then it will look awkward. So this is very important to be considerate of the color used, material, style of carpet according to the room theme. I am going to tell you that how you can use carpet according to the theme of a room.

1. For traditional theme: - If you want to decorate your home in a traditional theme then you can select a handmade carpet which contains vibrant multi colors with small and tiny floral motifs. You can select an area rug from traditional carpet. If you want to choose a complete traditional carpet then hand knotted silk carpet is best because silk carpets contain most intricate design in 15-35 colors. There are two types of carpets, first one is with fringes and second one is without fringes.

  • With fringes: - Fringes is the combination of warps. Sometimes weavers make some beautiful fringes like below images-

  • Without fringes: - In this carpet the warp is bind and stitched with carpet or sometimes weavers use secondary cloths for providing the strength to carpet.

2. Modern Carpet: - If your room theme is a modern one or the existing products are in modern style then you should take a contemporary carpet which contains calm color with minimum three colors. Modern carpets are woven in pure New Zealand wool with finest quality of cotton or pure wool with pure wool. Handmade woollen carpets are suitable for the high traffic area. So you can place it in your living room or in your hallway. 

3. Jute Handmade Area rug: - If you want to decorate your home with natural accents like jute chair, flowers etc. then you can use a hemp or jute carpet. Hemp carpet is enough to provide a well thickness to the floor. Handmade Jute carpets are woven in natural jute. Sometimes weavers use natural hemp or sometimes they colored it in different- different colors. So you can select the color of carpet according to your room theme.

These aforementioned ideas you can use for decorating your room in a perfect way according to your room theme.

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