Digital Customer Journeys: The New Frontier in Marketing

Digital Customer Journeys: The New Frontier in Marketing

Oct 22, 2018, 5:07:11 PM Business

Fantastic digital customer journeys will guide your buyers to a highly personalized interaction with your brand, that will keep them loyal and your sales high.

The 'Age of the Customer' is that of the empowered customer; the buyers so heavily laden with information, they call the shots. This customer is the expert in the use of information and IoT tools and no longer follows the traditional purchase funnel designed by marketers of old.

Nope, this buyer will hunt down the product of their choice and have it delivered to their doorstep with a few swipes and taps on their screens. This change in the marketing model has left many service providers, and retailers stumped.

Many an organization has resulted in stalking their online customers’ moves in a bid to position their products in their paths for increased sales. Thanks to emerging digital technologies and processes, there is now a new approach that balances this process while increasing brand value; digital customer journeys.

What are digital customer journeys?

This process gives the seller a golden opportunity to lead rather than follow the buyer. No longer reacting to the consumer's journey, companies are shaping the buyer's paths from the cradle to the grave purchase-wise.  

Digital customer journeys are designed to combine every interaction and contact a buyer has had with your brand; from online purchase data, transactions, customer service interactions and browsing history. These features are then used to design a journey that is more central to your buyer's experience of your brand.

To create an optimized customer experience you need first to understand your customers' motivations. What do your buyers require from your platform to accomplish their goals? Place them in the center of your platform's universe.

Drop the coercive strategies of old used to lock in customers and give your customers value instead. How can your platform ensure that they get what they need so that once they are on your platform, they are permanently engaged? Afterward, use data analytics and segmentation to create an end-to-end highly personalized digital customer journey.

How to optimize the six stages of the digital customer experience

  • Awareness stage
    Using ads or through word of mouth, a potential customer becomes aware of your product. If your product is optimized to meet their need, then you could be a match made in online marketing heaven.

  • Acquisition
    Through an optimized navigation process, a potential customer turns into a lead by interacting with your product through links, account opening or a download of your app.

  • Onboarding
    Once your lead makes their first purchase or contact it is up to you to ride their high interest in your product and move forward to build a relationship with them. Recommend helpful features, products, services or tips minus the hype. Stay very relevant.

  • Engagement
    This is the chance for you to build a loyalty loop through the delivery of new fantastic experiences. Stay as highly personalized as possible and keep that interest at an all-time high.

  • Retention
    Using engagement data, focus on the dips and keep your clients from exiting or wandering off the trail. If they do, prepare them a welcome home banquet by taking advantage of tools like exit surveys to help you do some outreach.

  • Advocacy
    A happy and satisfied customer will provide more business for your product than any other marketing tool will ever do. Give your customers a chance to do some advocacy for your products through reviews and feedback.

Published by Zachary McGavin

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