Exterior Hacks: 5 Lighting Ideas For The Perfect Entryway

Exterior Hacks: 5 Lighting Ideas For The Perfect Entryway

Nov 16, 2017, 5:03:42 PM Life and Styles

When the sun starts to set, most people switch on their front porch light to brighten up the interior of their homes, while others may see this as a routine, leaving a light turned on is much more than giving light. It is a friendly way to welcome guests and can act as a safety insurance at night.

By enhancing your frontal porch light fixture, you are increasing curb attraction and creates warm surroundings for visitors. There are plenty of attractive front porch lights that will encourage you to rethink your current lighting. 

The lights in your front yard attract visitors to your front entry, accentuates the garden, feature the design of your home, and serve as security. For a little help, here are five lighting ideas perfect that can spruce up your entryway for you and your guests.

Flush Mount Lighting

It is an excellent solution for entryways with low storm or screen doors, ceilings, and porches that are open to the wet weather. For most entryways, space is always an issue when it comes to decorating and installing the proper lighting. 

Looking for stylish fixtures to illuminate darker environment is difficult too.  It can fit any areas of your home such as the basement. Flush mount lighting turns this part of the house into functional and flawless spaces.

Flush mount lighting is ideal for welcoming visitors in small and undersized entryways. The scope of your entryways no longer speaks for your lighting fixture styles. 

Pendant Lights

By suspending outdoor pendant lights is an ideal way to making your home stand separately from the rest. Pendant lights add a feeling of sophistication and elegance to a place where fancy lighting is amiss.  

These lights help in illuminating your front door and improves the visual appearance of your porch. They don't just boost a design element, but suspending pendant lighting can also aid in task lighting. With plenty of designer lighting styles available, you will surely be able to upgrade your outdoor living space. 

Additionally, pendant lights generate an inviting and warm ambiance. It creates a long lasting impression for your visitors from the time they laid their eyes on your home. Make sure to choose a pendant light that is suitable for any weather conditions and can give light to your pathway. 

Wall Lights 

Installing porch wall lights are among the most frequent fixtures and comes in a wide variety of styles to blend your outdoor decorations. These are the typical looking lantern lights which will look best on most front porches. 

Porch wall light fixtures are great when they're next to the exterior of your home. Illuminate those dark entryways with a pair of wall lights by the door. Light up your dark entryways with a couple of wall light by the door. By adding this lighting, it develops a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.  
Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor post lights are flexible, meaning you can place them wherever you would like. It makes them the extremely flexible alternative for the homeowners who want to think creatively. 

Outdoor post lights come in plenty of styles whether multiple bulb options or one bright light that can stand alone. But keep in mind that you will have to need a professional for installing these lighting for the wiring are complicated. 

However, outdoor post lights might cause a bit more compared to other porch lighting choices. But it is still worth it for it will enhance your home’s curb appearance.

Exterior Sidelights

When you are thinking about enhancing the look of your front door, deal with adding some sidelights, upright windows that animate your front door. You can add single or double sidelights which can improve your entry and boost the visibility of your home.

Mostly, sidelights are available in ten to twelve inches widths. There are plenty of glass choices present that includes a clear glass, impact-resistant laminated glass and frosted glass with carved designs. 


Different light fixtures can go a long way for upgrading the functionality and decorations of your home’s entryway. Installing the appropriate outdoor lighting can make your home safer and approachable while boosting your curb appearance.

You would want your entryway to look and feel inviting,  warm and a secure environment for your nighttime guests. Enhance this area by upgrading curb appeal allowing it to be welcoming enough to let your visitors come inside your home. 

From pendant lighting, flush mount lighting, wall lights, outdoor post lights, and exterior sidelights, choose what option is best for your outdoor entryway at different reputable sites like Black Mango. In the end, it’s your choices that ultimately make you happy in the long run.

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