Guest Blogging - A Viable and Safe SEO Tactic for Your Business Growth

Guest Blogging - A Viable and Safe SEO Tactic for Your Business Growth

Jun 6, 2018, 1:07:10 PM Business

In today’s digital marketing world, guest blog posting is the most effective and safe way to get quick web popularity, targeted audience traffic and search engine rank position in major sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For the last few years, Google has optimized their rules and algorithms due to black hat SEO techniques but an informative and unique guest post is always been a beneficial factor for any website.

In fact, guest blogging is still can be an advantageous factor for your site if you do it in the right manner. We’ll discuss some easy and effective steps in this article which can lead you to make a healthy guest blogging strategy.

Choose Website from Your Niche

Choosing a website for guest blog posting is a very vital matter to get fruitful results out of it. Always try to seek out websites that are directly or closely relevant to your industry or niche. It is a key factor to get relevant traffic flow to your site and increase your web popularity and business returns. Apart from this, search engines will count those blog posts as a valid backlink to your website and it’ll definitely help you to rank higher in SERP.

Avoid Weak and Low-Quality Website

It is now becoming a basic principal to choose high-quality websites for guest blogging, especially after Panda and Penguin update. You must enquire and research about that website you are willing to write a post for. The checklist is page rank, domain authority, traffic, popularity, the topic and overall look of the website.

Restrict Your Link Building

The basic concept of like a building is totally changed now and it comes with more improvisation. You don’t have to gather a lot of links like the old days. Today, the practice of pointing too many links to the same website will be counted as a spam. You can get penalized for this.

Link creation strategy with natural links should be your main concern with discretion. Just write about your business, product or service with informative ideas and link that extremely relevant key phrase from where your readers can get their information.

Quality of Content for Guest Blogging

Before applying for guest blogging to other websites, make sure that you have enough skill to create unique, innovative and eye-catching content for readers and each piece of your write-up should be posted on one website. Guest blogging means you are going to divert someone’s traffic to your website through your writing, image, video, and hyperlink. So, you have to be an expert like professional guest posting service providers at your job.


Remember, your first job is to satisfy your readers with your content, search engine optimization comes second. If you focus on your visitor’s satisfaction then you are working on natural techniques and your SEO score will generally fall into the track.

There is nothing safer than posting an article as a guest author on popular websites. It’ll expand your marketing efforts and boost your business website in terms of traffic, sales and popularity. It’s recommended to post with your social signals; you can get extra benefits like visitors comment, customer opinion, suggestions and more.

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