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Skating is a famous recreation in today’s world especially in the Northern part of the world. Ice skating is different from Skateboarding.  Skating is done either for recreational purpose or for outing purpose or for the sake of just for entertainment. It is sometimes popular for transportation to pass over the place of ice to go another. Skating has been going on from time immemorial as a means of rejoicing over ice & snow. In England and Netherland, skating is popular with all classes of people and is considered contagious to body & mind. But skating is not too easy as we think but will be easy if we follow some steps. Before skating, search on some trustworthy sites to learn how to skate on ice in the proper & systematic way.

Types of skating:

  • Roller skating
  • Inline skating
  • Road skating
  • Skateboarding
  • Snow/ice skating etc.

Ice skating:

To use skates to glide away on the ice or snow for amusement or for traveling is called ice skating. By walking with skates gives one relaxation & rejoice rather than anything else.

Ice skating again is of three types.

  • Figure skating
  • Tour skating
  • Speed skating

Steps of skating on the ice

Wear appropriate costumes:

As good skating depends on good skates, shoes, socks, t-shirts, leggings, caps etc types costume you have to manage these from your well know shop. Do not neglect about costume as proper dressing up will pave the way for proper skating on ice. When skating will be on a longer time, you may feel warmth so by thinking that you have to select your clothes. Do not make the heap of clothes on your body to save yourself from the flow of snow or from cold weather. Again, do not wear as much thin dress which will make you feel cold & frozen.

Select good skates:

Do you have a skateboard? Xtreme Ice Blades Sharpening is designed specifically to fit ice skateboard. So you can go from pavement to ice in no time! Skateboarding on ice does not require a special deck. Grab the deck, swap out the wheels for a set of blades for skateboard and go for carving.

Convert your skateboard into an ice-skate machine. Make sure to have qualified adults test the quality of any ice surface you test this mean machine on.

It would be a great pleasure for you if already you are a skateboarder. You can easily use the deck of your current skateboard without any modifications. Just swap the wheels of a skateboard with a set of ice blades and enjoy ice skating with your skateboards. To get a double advantage for both skateboarding and ice skating.

As it is skating race that you are going to start, you have to select comfortable & fitted skates according to the feet of your legs. Best skateboards from prominent brands are important for both skatings on pavement and ice. Similarly, you should buy it from the branded shop because that may ensure the comfort and appropriateness. One thing to remember that if you feel tight with your skates do not be over-anxious about that because usually, skates are in a little bit tight. You can ask for the expertise to be resolute because they have practical experiences to guide you.

Start gradually and technically:

When you are going to start skating try to keep your legs firm and steady on the skates. It will be good to skate by holding on the wall from the very beginning attempt. Start slowly and after that increase your speed. Do not loose from the skates.

Do not bend backward in skating:

If you feel that you are not keeping up the balance anymore just bend your knees and bend your weight onwards. Never lean backward because it will cause harm to you. Use your hands even to keep up the balance. When you need to stop do not pause suddenly rather take the time to cease. If you want to stop bending your knees and push out your heels.

Go in the right direction:

Racing on the right track is one of the requisites of proper skating. Whether you are directed or you choose you to have to follow that path. Do not go in a disheveled way rather in right & smooth way.

Cautiousness before skating:

  • Wearing proper clothes for cold environment

  • Use the best skates for the best walking

  • Try to use thick leggings, t-shirts, jackets, and gloves for skating.

  • Do not use tight and rigid jeans because it will cause the problem in a time of skating.

  • When you think of starting to try to start slowly at first.

  • Do not use headphones at the time of skating.
  • Do not compete with others rapid types transport on the road.
  • Do not skate with hungry mood or with overeating mood.
  • Show your strategy at the time of skating on ice.

  • Wear as much tolerated clothes for the snowfall.

  • Do not use thick socks because this may push you to feel colder.

  • Do not want to be a good skater in a single day.

  • Try to keep the balance of your body.

  • Do not look on other sides rather than focus on your own motion.

  • Do not think skating as serious because your life is more important to you.

So, it can be said that an adventure racing like skating needs more attention and cautiousness. Follow the above-mentioned steps and procedures to be a good skater and also show your strategy and perseverance to initiate a skating race. Not only in race but also in single walking, follow these steps. Be patient to step in the proper way in advanced, figure, speed skating too. Whether you take skating as fun, exercise, race, hobby, means of transport and way of fitting your body, equip yourself with all the belongings which are described here. Be a gainer of skating, not a loser!




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