It's Good For You: 5 Ways To Shop Smart, Spend Less and Look Good

So, you’re in the middle of your favorite clothing store. You spot an adorable brand-name dress in the color that you like. Your heart beats faster and swells because it’s on sale! It’s 50% off!

Without thinking too much, you grab it and heads directly to the checkout counter even though your subconscious is telling you not to buy it because it’s too small for you. You keep going anyway. Who cares if it’s too small or not?

If you find yourself in a similar situation or you’re just one of those people who love dressing up but not careful about how and where to spend their hard-earned cash, then this article is for you.

Well, we’re not going to talk about scouring consignment stores and garage sales, not that you can’t find something good in those places, it’s simply not our focus today.

This article is more on how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to buying quality and stylish clothes. Also, to make sure that you’re not out there buying items that you don’t need and paying almost double the price you should be paying.

Only Buy The Clothes That You Need

Most shoppers believe that the most amount of money lies on the discount you get. This belief is wrong. The authentic way of saving more money is through buying only the clothing items that you need.

Most people tend to buy clothes that they don’t need or can’t wear when they see the big red tag of “men and women’s clothing sale” in stores, thinking that they get a good deal out of their money. When in truth, they spend more than what they intend.

The point here is you buy clothing that you don’t need, if you start being more sensible in shopping, buy only the items that you need, you can save more money in the end.

Review What You Have

People tend to hoard and accumulate things that they no longer need, rarely or never use. Face your closet, take your time. Do a mental inventory of the clothes that you have in your closet by following the steps below.

  • Do you have tons of black items but no red or blue?
  • What about not having formal clothes owning a hundred shirt? 
  • How many shoes do you own?
  • How many are formal shoes?
  • What about rubber shoes? Do you need one?
  • How about pants? How many do you own? Which do you wear often?

You already figured out what kind and how many clothes and a pair of shoes you own. It will help you decide what to buy the next time you hit your favorite retails. You get to avoid buying the same clothes and save money at the same time.

Be Sensible

Just because Ariana Grande is making a fashion statement with bright crop tops doesn’t mean you need to do the same thing too. Fashion crazes might look good on celebrities who sport them but, it's’ not an assurance that it will look good on you too.  Be realistic; not all clothes are wearable for everyone.

You might be looking at a pair of skinny jeans right now, but before you buy it, take the time to examine the item and make sure that it will fit and look good to you. If possible, bring with you a trusted friend with a good sense of fashion and honest enough to tell if the items you want to buy looks good on you.

Shop The Classics

A pocket-sized closet that is full of quality clothes that you can wear for a long time is better than a big closet full of ill-fitting and low-quality items that only last for a couple of months.

The best approach to avoid cramming your closet with unnecessary things is to buy classic items and blends well with the current trend. Most often than not, classic pieces transcend time and still look good even after five years or so. For women, a perfect piece might be a little black dress, a sturdy pair of stilettos, infinity scarf and pearl earrings. For men, a decent pair of brogues or oxfords, button-down shirt,  and good pairs of pants are timeless items.

Sell or Trade The Clothes That You No Longer Wear

Selling or trading the dresses that you no longer wear is a smart decision. Why? Simply because it allows you to gain the funds you need to buy new clothes you want, which your pocket can’t yet manage. As a bonus, you get to declutter your closet too.

The main point here is you don’t need to strain yourself within the budget constraint. There are good websites like eBay that sells good quality second-hand clothes. If you’re worried about pricing denominations, you can head down to a car boot sale. It is an amazing way to sell your clothes for a good price.


Keeping a fashionable style doesn't have to rip your pockets, much less break the bank. There are practical guidelines that you can follow and apply without compromising your love for fashion. So, shop smartly, spend less and look at your best

Published by Zachary McGavin


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