LED Desk Lamps: Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right One

LED Desk Lamps: Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right One
Our world is rapidly changing. We used papers in our work before, but we are now transitioning towards digital in keeping our work-related documents. But one thing that you can’t dethrone in its proper place is the essential role desk lamps assume in helping us complete our tasks and beat our feared deadlines.
Desk lamps are a type of task lighting. They help us keep in focus and improve our productivity. Whether we are doing our work at home or in a traditional office with our office mates, desk lamps will cast its helping light.
Majority of desk lamps today take advantage of LED technology. LEDs are energy-efficient, so it will save us money while also reducing our carbon footprints. Also, LED desk lamps come in various styles and designs for added functionality and also to complement to a particular type of office.
But, before buying a LED desk lamp, it is important to consider why you want it in the first place. Here are some things to consider when buying a LED desk lamp.

Brightness of Light

For an idea of the brightness of a LED desk lamp, learn about the variety of wattages and lux in their lights. Lux is the measurement of the light’s brightness, and wattage is for the amount of power the light needs to operate. In general, a higher wattage means more brightness. Considering the brightness of a desk lamp is important because the higher the brightness of light, the more likely it will cause you eye strains.

Color Temperature

Color temperature in a lighting points to the tone of light from a light source. Conventionally, measurement of color temperature is in Kelvin. Cool colors (bluish white) measure over 5000 K, while warm colors (yellowish white through red) is 2700-3000 K. Whether you like warm or cool color, it is crucial to read what’s the color temperature of a desk lamp.

The Right Placement

Right placement of a desk lamp is essential for greater efficiency in any task. For example, when reading, you should place your lamp alongside your shoulder with the bottom of the shade in level with your head.
Desk lamps should be adjustable to focus its light to the work surface. In this case, a desk lamp with an adjustable elbow is what you need, for you to allow to change the angle to cast the light directly to the reading material.
For you to avoid shadows and dark areas in a room, you need to have several desk lamps. A standard lamp will illuminate 40-50 square feet of a room. Also, your lamp should be in proportion to your room or furniture. For example, a small end table should only hold a small lamp.

Two Styles of a Desk Lamp


Lighting manufacturers offer styles and design that can fit perfectly to the particular kind of work environment. Here are some styles of a desk lamp that you need to know.


Traditional Style


If you have a traditional workplace, you should also have a traditional desk lamp to complement to it. Traditional desk lamps usually have a brass or bronze finished bases with an accompanying pull chain.

Modern Style


If you have a modern office designed for a show, you also need a modern LED desk lamp that is there for a show.
There are many modern LED desk lamps nowadays that are beautiful and elegant in design and can make a bold statement of its own. Aside from that, they are also multi-functional. Whether you are reading a book or typing on the keyboard, modern desk lamps will give you both style and efficiency.

Features of a Modern Desk Lamp


Flexibility - Modern desk lamps feature swivel heads and adjustable elbows, allowing to focus the light on your work.
Cordless - For convenience, lighting manufacturers offer desk lamps with a rechargeable battery and a cordless design. It will allow users to carry the desk lamp anywhere he or she likes to use it.
Clip-on - Traditional desk lamps have a base to steady the light, but modern ones replace those bases for a clip. It means you can mount the lamp in odd locations to meet your specific lighting needs.


If you are to take your work seriously, a desk lamp will cover you needs. There are many desk lamps that you can choose in the market today. Before buying one, you need to consider the factors of what makes an ideal lamp.

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