Naked and Unafraid: 8 Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Do you want to build your confidence? Or to reduce your stress levels from a tiring day from work? How about the idea of getting healthy, does that sound good? If yes, you better ditch those pajamas at night and start sleeping naked.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, sleeping naked brings a lot of health benefits, including better sleep quality, as it makes our temperature lower which in having a good night sleep. Stripping down while sleeping also reduces the number of times you wake up from your sleep, leading you to reduce the levels of toxic proteins in your brain cells that are to blame in impairing your ability to think.

The benefits mentioned above, however, are not the only advantage you will get by sleeping naked. Here are other reasons why you need to throw out your sleepwear before going to sleep.

Sleeping Naked Brings Healthy and Younger Looking Skin


Sleeping naked brings a fresh feeling to our body which stimulates our anti-aging hormones to do their work. These anti-aging hormones help in maintaining the youthful glow of our skin, which makes us look younger than our age. Hence, getting your beauty rest naked is essential.

Sleeping Naked Builds Confidence

Confidence can a do a lot of good things to us. Most people would say, “if you want to be successful, you have to build some confidence.” It’s because being confident with yourself is needed when you are facing the toughest challenges in life and when you are pushing yourself to new heights.

If you want to boost your confidence, sleeping naked might help you on the go. Just by lying naked on your mattress you can feel confident. Studies have shown that sleeping naked will make you more comfortable with yourself. As you feel more comfortable with yourself, the more you gain confidence with your actions.

Sleeping Naked Improves Your Blood Circulation


Having a good blood flow is one of the most important functions in our body. Through it, our blood carries oxygen to our brain and other organs helping our bodies work. Having a good blood flow is a thing to be kept in mind if we care enough about our health.

Aside from getting exercise and eating healthy food, sleeping naked also helps in increasing our blood flow. It’s because without any clothes on while we sleep, our blood flow is less restricted which benefits our body, especially our hearts and muscles.

Sleeping Naked Helps You Lose Weight

When you have lower body temperature, which sleeping without your clothes promotes, your body produces brown fat to keep you warm. This so-called brown fat generates heat by burning calories which then helps you lose weight.

Sleeping Naked Improves Male Fertility

Sleeping naked keeps the body at a constant lower temperature. It's good news for men as it improves fertility and maintains their sperm quality.

Sleeping Naked Protects Your Private Parts from Bacteria

Bacteria thrive in warm and moist areas, usually in our armpits and private parts. They can generate bad odor and infection that can be harmful to these organs. For women, the common disease caused by bacteria is the yeast infection.

To prevent this bacteria from spreading disease, sleeping naked might do the trick. Sleeping this way allows for proper ventilation than sleeping with your underwear. Sleeping naked helps your private parts stay dry, reducing the probability of getting a yeast infection.

Sleeping Naked Enhances Your Sex Life


According to science, when our skin touches another, our body releases the “love hormone” called oxytocin which helps us to have an increased feeling of emotional attachment towards our partners. When this happens, it can contribute to improving our sex life.

Sleeping Naked Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the obstacles to living a happy and meaningful life. Not only is it bad for our health, but having high-stress levels also prevent us from doing what we love in life as it brings us emotional instability.

To reduce our stress levels, sleeping naked is the best thing to do at night. Studies have shown that keeping your body cooler helps decrease cortisol, which is known as a stress hormone. When you regulate your cortisol to an average level, it can lessen stress and anxiety which are to blame in hampering us to lead a better life. Sleeping naked also gives you a sense of freedom. The freer you think you are, the happier you will be.



There are many ways to keep our emotional well-being and our body healthy, but there can never be simpler than getting to sleep naked while getting healthy at the same time. Yes, there are health benefits in sleeping naked, but we must keep in mind that this is not the only way to be healthy.

We must also try other practices in keeping our physical and emotional stability in check for us to live a more meaningful and happier life. Always remember this time-honored maxim, “Health is wealth.” Every day and in many other ways we must invest our time in improving our health

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