Process to Measure Dimensions and Tips to Find Standard Window Sizes

Process to Measure Dimensions and Tips to Find Standard Window Sizes

Every homeowner has a hidden weekend fixer-upper inside who always wants to grab the opportunity and make some changes in the property. Sometimes, they decide to repaint the structure while sometimes, they just replace aging units with new vinyl windows to restore looks and functionality. Owners also have to take look at all available options instead of finalizing anything they come across for the first time. What they do not realize is that window replacement is not something they can do right away. It requires a lot of efforts and realization of whether to go for standard vinyl window sizes or customize according to each room’s requirements.

What’s the plan then? How to proceed with window replacement? The first step is to find out if standard window sizes would work or not. Here, homeowners cannot do the respective task on their own; instead, they have to think practically and hire professionals to take measurements. Since they have limited knowledge about different parts, chances are low that they would take proper measurements. So, what homeowners have to do is to hire a professional service provider and rest assured about the benefits.

Important Note on Vinyl Window Replacement

Before moving ahead with the replacement project, there are some important things to know. Vinyl window replacement or installation is a worthy project that homeowners should never assign to seasoned contractors. They have to install properly and ensure proper seals so that there is no compromise over comfort and convenience. In short, everything needs to be perfect no matter if the experts charge a bit high amount than usual.

Step-by-Step Guide of Vinyl Window Replacement

  1. Measure Window Height and Width

The project starts with taking measurements of window openings in addition to finding appropriate standard window sizes. The experts will use a measuring tape to know width and height of each window unit. The tape is placed on the surface of frame or jambs, instead of the extensions holding the windows. They usually make sure that no space is left or missed by even 1/8-inch as it also makes a huge difference in installation and other functions.

  1. Measure Window Lining

While measuring the window size, always rest assured that lining around the units are included. Normally, vinyl windows are provided with aluminum or plastic jam liner that is present on the vertical side. So, to measure and install vinyl windows, don’t forget to ask if the experts have added their width in total measurements or not.

  1. Measure Depth of Vinyl Windows

To work on replacement windows, homeowners have to make sure that their service providers are measuring depth of the units as well. In windows, depth means the space between the stops on either side of the window frame. Measurements usually start from the shortest point and the best part is that there is a small margin in measurements, unlike that of width and height.

  1. Measure a Unit that does not Open

In case a window unit is not opening, experts may have a lot of alternatives to proceed with their measuring task. At first, they can measure depth from each side and sum up to get the actual figure. The next proven method is to measure the internal depth and multiply by 2. Both methods have proved to quite effective in measuring dimensions but, one thing is crucial- homeowners must always ask their contractors if they have added thickness of glass panes or not.


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