Pros and Cons of Conferences

Pros and Cons of Conferences

Aug 3, 2018, 2:28:17 PM Tech and Science

Holding a conference, whether it be for business, seminars, or even for a tradeshow, has a variety of benefits, but consequences too.  If a success, a conference of any kind can help spread awareness for a product or cause, though if done poorly it can hurt your company and your cause or product, no matter how great.  A wide variety of venues host different styles of conferences and can be hosted by one or multiple companies. Finding trade show management companies, as well as finding the right location to hold your own conference, is crucial to your process. Furthermore, each style of conference is different, whether it be business or casual.

Different Kinds of Conferences

There exists a plethora of different conferences- some events are held annually or biannually. These include video, business, and public conferences. Video conferences are the most affordable, and they are used especially when on business trips. Business conferences are basically internal company meetings when a business will gather multiple sectors of their company to either start new initiatives or to collaborate on a new project idea. Public conferences are the biggest category, held open for the people. They will either charge for admission or sitting in on the conferences. These conferences are usually meant to show off a potential product or idea for the future. Public conferences are more casual than a video or business conference.  


Each style of conference is done for a specific reason, and some styles of conferences are better for certain situations. For example, video conferences are the best choice when you are on a business trip to easily access employees. Furthermore video conferences are inexpensive and hold very little financial risk. Business conferences are best for formal gatherings and attempt to get as many different sectors of a business in one spot. This is preferred over video conferences if you need to have the attention of a larger audience. Public conferences are the best option to raise awareness about a subject or to show off products to raise excitement. Public conferences are the most causal and don’t require a certain attire. Furthermore, public conferences can help your company network with other business.  A good example of this would be the Consumer Electronic Show.


Although each style of conference has its benefits, there is no one type of conference that will fit every scenario best. One major problem with video conferences is that they are unreliable, because any sort of interference can hurt your presentation. Furthermore, you must be weary of what timezone you are in. The differences between you and the business headquarters’ timezone can make it difficult to plan ahead. Business conferences are difficult if you are trying to get multiple sectors of a company at one specific location, especially if you have offices overseas. Public conferences are the most expensive and thus have a higher financial risk compared to the previous conferences. Public conferences will contain a variety a companies who are technically competing against your company for the consumers’ attention. If your idea or product does not get an audience's attention, it can cause you to lose money.  

Conferences are held for a variety of reasons, but the main thing to know is which type of conference fits your scenario. Choosing poorly can hurt your business financially, as well as your reputation.  However, don’t be afraid to hold conferences thinking that one mistake spells disaster, as taking the time to look into your audience and what your goal is will truly help on the path to success. The information is out there, so if your business has a great goal and you want to improve company morale, hold a conference

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