Relationships Advice: How to Stop Rushing Into Love

Relationships Advice: How to Stop Rushing Into Love

Nov 6, 2018, 6:03:37 PM Life and Styles

The Magical Feeling of Love

Ah, the feeling of falling in love - who doesn’t like it? The butterflies in your stomach, the excitement that something amazing is going to happen around every corner, and having that insatiable urge to spend as much time as possible with the person who stole your heart. This is something most of us have surely experienced at some point in our lives. You meet someone; there is raw undeniable chemistry between you, and it seems like all of the stars have aligned for this moment to happen.

It is in our very nature to jump into a new romantic relationship headfirst. Deep down, when you strip everything to the core, the entire game of flirting and seduction is all about building a home, a family, security and companionship. We are all social creatures. We depend on feeling loved and accepted - and will put on our shiniest feathers to get that.

The Blinding Side of Love

The fire and passion of romance are so potent, it can shut down the logical part of our brain which leads us to make irresponsible and bad decisions. Rushing into love is not always the best decision and more often than not, it leads to broken hearts. One should try hard not to let these feelings take complete control, although this is clearly easier said than done because love can be the only thing that seems to make sense at the time. Still, to help stop you from rushing fast and headfirst into romance, we have some advice that might help you keep your wits about you and prevent you from making any rash decisions.

It Could Just Be Attraction and Nothing More

Sometimes we tend to confuse physical attraction with love. Just because you two can’t seem to get your hands off of each other doesn’t necessarily mean you have a serious thing going on. Although it is immeasurable to explore sex and try new things, not all those who do it are your potential match. It could all just be a wonderful yet short-lived spell and nothing more.

Don’t Open Up Too Quickly or Too Slowly

You probably made a promise to yourself after the end of a previous relationship that you would take things slowly the next time but as soon as a new romance waltzed through the front door of your life, you forgot that solemn commitment. You feel like you want your partner to know everything about you and a partner who understands will only fuel this need to open up so quickly. This can be a double-edged sword. Try revealing parts of yourself and your story when contextually appropriate. Let them discover things about you on their own. Remember, the right amount of mystique makes the flirting game all the more exciting.

Don’t Let Go of Your Hobbies and Friends for the Sake of Love

At the start of a new intimate relationship, you probably want to spend every second of every day with your partner and in doing so, you could eventually stop paying attention to things that were a part of your routine. Don’t let go of your hobbies and interests. Go to work on time, get that workout in, have time for your friends, and have some alone time, too. Also, do not introduce your partner to your hidden wild side just yet. Though they might find ways to appreciate it, it would be pre-emptive to introduce erotic desires, kinky appetites, sex toys for gents and ladies, and your salacious side to a man or woman you have barely met.

Don’t Introduce Each Other to Your Families Immediately

When you fall in love, chances are your family will be updated on current affairs sooner or later. Our advice is not to rush that meeting. Introducing families is almost equal to saying you are serious. And although it might feel like you are, most of the times that’s not the case. So instead, take time to get to know each other properly before letting your flesh and blood get involved.

Reflect on Past Relationships

For those who are willing to learn and improve, past relationships can be a great source of knowledge. Ponder over your previous experiences and whether or not you rushed into a something too quickly. You are your best critic. With a little alone time, you can give yourself space to understand what went wrong and if rushing into the relationship was the cause.


If you are in a new romantic relationship, just remember to take it slow and don’t rush into things. Try not to fall in love head first but strive to land on your feet instead. If it’s meant to happen, it will - just always keep reminding yourself that patience is a virtue.

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As per one research conducted, people who rush the thing, they are single for too long mostly. Like many other thing TV & media exaggerate the pleasure level and one need external help in like sex toys to achieve it.

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