Simple Tips to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home That You Need to Know


It will be extremely annoying if your living space is infested with fleas. Apart from sucking the blood of the host, this tiny insect might pass harmful bacteria to you or your pets leading to some killer diseases. Therefore, keeping fleas away from your house is one of the best solutions to have a healthy life.

However, this task will be a tough challenge if you do not choose the right way. Hence, today article will give you some simple tips to get rid of fleas in your home.

1. Buy a Very Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing you could to steer clear of annoying jumping insects is using a vacuum cleaner. Carpets, mattresses, upholstery, curtains and other flooring types can be the shelter of fleas. Also, you should pay careful attention to tight spaces and cracks because cocoons, larvae, and eggs tend to be hidden in the places.

Also, you need to make use of the spinning brush as well as attachments that the manufacturer offers you to loosen and capture stubborn dirt including fleas. A bagged vacuum cleaner would be a good choice because it can prevent the dirt exposure.

2. Find a Good Flea Fogger

Searching for flea fogger products is another reliable method which people often employ when it comes to killing fleas due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Many flea bombs can kill fleas at any stage of their life cycle. Moreover, they can help you get rid of other uninvited guests, for example, spiders, ants, bed bugs, or roaches.

However, flea foggers normally have harsh chemicals in the ingredients to improve their long-lasting efficiency which might be deadly poisonous to your family and your pets. Hence, you must read and follow the instructions strictly and use them with extreme caution to prevent unexpected situations.

3. Use a Dehumidifier to Stop Them Developing

Removing water from the air is a good flea treatment that you can benefit from if you want to stay away from fleas. In other words, you should purchase a dehumidifier if the level of humidity in your living environment is always higher than other places. Choosing a humidity control will heavily depend on how large your room is.

The idea humidity level for fleas to develop is about 50 percent or a bit higher. Nevertheless, if you decrease it to under that figure for about 2 days, adult larvae, fleas, and eggs will be killed immediately. After that, turn on your vacuum to collect their bodies and throw them away.

4. Keep Your Pet Clean

Cats and dogs are favorite hosts of insects, especially fleas. The easiest way is to let him take a shower with a shampoo product. You should start from the head because if you wash their body first, fleas will jump to that part. Likewise, when you see fleas floating in the water, make sure that you will keep your pet away from them.

If you want to maximize the efficiency of this treatment, find and take anti-dandruff shampoo because the acid in the ingredients will kill this annoying animal. However, ensure that the shampoo will not contact with the eyes as they will get the sharp sting of the soap.

5. Kill the Rats

As you may know, rodents, in general, and rats, in particular, carry a lot of fleas which can be transmitted to objects, humans, and pets. Thus, to prevent them from destroying your furniture and spreading those jumping over your house, you must clean up the kitchen, use mouse poison or traps to say goodbye to them.

6. Employ Salt to Finish Them Off

The cheapest way that can eliminate fleas and their offspring is to take advantage of table salt. In fact, the eggs will be dried up, and adults might also be executed. To apply this, read the following steps:

  • Find the positions that are infected with fleas. It might be on your carpets, pet bed, or even on the pet’s body
  • Take a pinch of salt and 1 drop of water to massage those spots
  • Repeat these steps daily until you are sure that all fleas and eggs are murdered


Those are very simple tips to get rid of fleas in your home that you can use. Hope that you found it useful. If anyone of you is successful, share your experience with others. In case you have a question, leave a comment below. Last, do not forget to like and spread article today to your friends.

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