What Potential It’s Like to Work in Hospitality Industry in 2019

What Potential It’s Like to Work in Hospitality Industry in 2019

Dec 26, 2018, 6:29:38 PM Tech and Science

Hospitality management or training is indeed a very broad sector that stretches from food, beverages, to cruises, ships, hotels, cafes, spas, and amusement parks – but what potentials it has got to work in one of the leading and profitable industry in the world? We have got something unique and crucial for you.

The hospitality industry has become one of the fastest growing businesses all across the world, generating billions of money. At the same time, it also offers plenty of exciting employment and career opportunities to aspirants. Now let’s move to the potential that the industry persist.

Hospitality Ranks Among the List of World’s Happiest Industries

According to a survey for world’s 10 happiest industries conducted by TINYpulse’s, hospitality bagged the sixth position. The survey involved over 500 companies and more than 30,000 employees and most importantly the report was a clear reflection of the employee satisfaction with the colleagues and one’s projects.

But why everyone one this industry is so content? Conventionally, the industry always had a high turnover rate from the very beginning; this has compelled most of the companies in the industry to maximize their efforts for increasing workplace productivity as well as happiness.

Leading businesses in the industry make sure to offer training to the candidates on the go, and they make it flexible. Professionals easily complete their RSA, food serving, or barista course in Melbourne easily through phone, laptops and even from home. This ensures to have a great focus on personal development as well as an advancement for the ones entering the industry and want to keep adding the strings to the bow.

Tremendous Growth, Job Security and Graduate Salaries

With the time when the global economy is making significant recovery after a decade of recession, the hospitality industry is booming like anything once again. The job security has become one of the prime concerns for most of the people and the ones working in this particular industry enjoy comfortable income as well as job security. According to valid sources, graduates even with bachelor’s degree gets salaries worth US$73,100 annually.

In addition to that, the hospitality industry has successfully remained in the second fastest growing industry after healthcare. It is also one of the industries with the highest job opening rate with almost 5.1 million recruits every year approximately. Market experts suggest that by 2025, the majority or a vast section of job opportunities will be from hospitality and tourism industry.

Disruptive Forces – Artificial Intelligence and Automation

The global hospitality industry is constantly leveraging the power of online to enhance marketing as well as customer experience for the next few years to come. Starting from focusing on social media platforms and web advertisements through geo-location to generating digital concierge systems, and not to forget discount mobile applications, the hospitality industry is compelled to integrate big data collection as well as online services in their business model to shine and thrive.

It remains no doubt that the industry is in the thriving phase and it is doing extremely well for the people associated with it. Make sure to enroll for a professional degree from reliable institutions and get better opportunities to shine in this industry.


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