Your Buying Guide: 8 Tips On Buying a Good Granite Countertops

Your Buying Guide: 8 Tips On Buying a Good Granite Countertops

Having durable and beautiful countertops will help add value to your home especially to your kitchen. Hence, choosing granite countertops is a better way to upgrade your old kitchen design.


Granite countertops are elegant decors for your kitchen, thus giving you satisfaction for your kitchen aesthetics. However, it’s going to be an advantage if you know some information about what you’re buying. That’s why this list below will help you choose high-quality granite countertops.

Know Their Primary Characteristics

Granite countertops are best for your kitchen because it’s durability helps when you’re frequently working in the kitchen. They are made of distinct slabs from natural materials and are not susceptible to scratches. Thus, making them more popular for most busy households today.


This type of countertop brings a timeless aura and appeal to your kitchen. They are the centerpiece of the area. Choosing a good countertop can make your kitchen look visually appealing.


Granite countertops come with a wide array of colors such as vibrant blues, midnight black, deep red, and mottled white. They also bring you a stronger, more uniform pattern compared to other countertops designs. They are also perfect to use for your under-mounted type sinks.

Consider Their Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of your kitchen countertops should always be one of the essential things you must consider when buying them. For durable countertops such as granite, their pros include their ability to survive from hard, damaging materials such as knives, hot pots, and spills as well.


However, granite countertops’ edges and corners are prone to chipping, and you’ll need the service of experts or professionals to help repair them. They also need periodic sealing either annually, bi-annually, or semi-annually, depending on how you use them to help your countertop free itself from stains.

Prepare Your Budget Ahead

Preparing your budget is needed when buying a granite countertop. Granite countertops, however, are generally inexpensive compared to other alternatives such as marble. Blue granite countertops are usually the best choice. With their elegance and durability, you can conclude that your expenses are all worth it once you get to see them installed.

Consider the Fabrication

A fabrication for stone products such as countertops is done to achieve a polished and beautiful granite countertops. After doing the stone fabrication process, you’ll now get the finished product that is ready for installation.


Consider if the product is fabricated by hand or machine. Some granite companies do the process using a machine, others do fabrication by hand. However, both of them might not polish well the edges of the product, so always ask the suppliers to ensure if they use wax which can help polished the edges thoroughly.

They Have to Have Seams

Seams are necessary for your countertops since they serve as a connector between the pieces of every granite to join together. Since seams are the primary issues of most buyers of granite countertops, it is good if you ask the store about using them with their product.

Choose Suppliers Who’ll Help You Install Them

Installing your kitchen countertops is crucial especially if you don’t have any idea on how to do the job properly. That’s why make sure to choose local suppliers who offer an installment team rather than large warehouses which don’t do installation.

Choose a Thicker Granite

The thickness of your granite countertops will be a huge help for you to maximizing their durability. When buying countertops, make sure to choose the 3-centimeter thick granite rather than the 2-centimeter thick one.


A 3-centimeter thick countertop is larger and heavier, and able to span longer distances. However, choosing the 2-centimeter thick countertops is not a good idea since thinner granite can’t support laminated edges and so as overhangs. Thus, you can ensure that your countertops would last longer if you buy the 3-centimeter thick granite.

Know the Installation Requirements

Your cabinets must be installed together with your sink to get a template for your granite countertops. Hence, your countertops need first to undergo proper fitting on pre-installation to ensure a good outcome.


After the first step, the template is ready, so a professional installer can now start cutting the granite making it fit with the cabinets and install the countertops at the top right after. The expert would also seal the granite which helps it to resist from oils.


Granite is indeed an ideal type of countertop for your kitchen because of its elegance and durability. Having information about this popular countertop would be a huge help for you to get the high-quality one. Thus, visiting and other related sites will give you further insights about buying the best granite countertop

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