Aug 21, 2018, 5:55:25 AM Sport

    A beautiful and freakishly addicted game that can make you fall for it when you watch it for the first time and that is called Football. If you are a Football lover then you know that it is so much more than passing the ball and scoring a goal. You will watch your favorite team playing at any cost, for example, a hot summer night with all the mosquitoes around you. Tactics they plot to attack the opponents are unbelievable. It is not about winning always it’s about enjoying it.





    Leo Messi, the greatest of all times leaves you stunned in every match he plays. He has the most successful dribbles in Spanish charts. He can find the impossible spaces to pass the ball. The way he dribbles, it’s like the ball is a magnet for him and he runs faster with it. He is the king of free-kicks and never dives. There are many great players in different clubs and they mark history in the world of football.


    Football is watched all over the world. The audience increases when the FIFA world cup starts. In Pakistan, those people are called “Mousami Daddu”. Pakistan also has a football team but it is going through a dark age. The current ranking of FIFA for Pakistan is 201.


Ruhma Farooq.

Published by Zain Javaid

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