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Have you read my article titled "How Does It Feel?"

If not, click here and read that one first. 

This is no fiction, this is reality and if it weren't so, I would never believe anything in books and movies ever again. 

However many times I think of it, I am always fascinated and so abundantly thankful. It is this gratitude that keeps me happy. I remind myself of how uncertain and afraid I was and how beautifully different the reality was. Who would have thought that all those inspirational posts telling you to "tell her what you feel" and "do not fear rejection, you never know she probably feels the same" were actually speaking the truth. Who knew that when I confess my feelings to her, she would lean into a kiss without another word. Never did I think I would be telling anyone that "I have a girlfriend" and never could I imagine the person being her. How does life take such turns is beyond me, but one thing is certain, giving up never did anyone any good. 

I understand that the outcomes can be totally different from what you expect, but it could be a good different. It could be way better than you would have ever thought of it to be. Today, I can confidently say I am in a relationship with somebody who loves me and somebody I love. I am happy and although sometimes things get tangled, I do not forget to be patient and positive and I absolutely do not forget to turn to God. 

I had stopped praying. It has no reason or story. I simply stopped praying. Life was so messy before she came around that I would literally never remember to pray or feel like praying. And then, she came along, making me want to pray and thank God for everything, every day. Things took wrong turns sometimes, but it was nothing. It means nothing compared to the happiness her presence has brought me. So many times the thought of the future frightened me and I felt like discussing it with her, but it was unnecessary. We both knew what we were getting into and none of us have any regrets. The future will take care of itself, I refuse to spoil my present for it. 

We are being very cautious and taking measures to assure things go smooth between us because we have enough of the societal pressure. Let us hope that I do not have to write an article about how and why it ended, anytime soon. Right now, I am greatly happy and satisfied with life and I would like for it to be like that for longer. 

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