Aug 22, 2017, 6:59:42 AM Creative

Birthed from the sand, stubbornness is rooted in my blood 

Such is my land and my love for it is unconditional 

For when I touch the surface, I am reminded of the pain 

Pain to build this place

To build my home 

A home so far, a home so harsh 

Despite it’s unkindness, it lives in my heart 

My pride: you can witness the intensity from my eyes 

The love: it is apparent with every every word I say 

Denial is not my call, I admit every mistake we make 

But I make not the mistake, you are not allowed to belittle my place 

For when this world turns to nothing but ash 

You will find me lying there

At home 

This very place, 

My Pakistan 

Published by Zainab Kousar

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